I am blogging elsewhere now

September 25, 2010

My blog has now moved to http://midbaryehuda.wordpress.com

See you there!

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Another test

April 18, 2010

This time I’m trying something else. Still not coming back. Just exploring different ways of publishing and if it works.

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This is a test

April 16, 2010

Is using Windows Live Writer for the first time. Just testing to see if it works. No, I’m not back blogging. I will be eventually. Maybe in July. Maybe in July 2017. Maybe in Qunitilis 2030 (by then we’ll rename the months). We’ll see.


§355 Planning to come back

February 4, 2010

Around July or so. When the university tests are over.

In the meanwhile, I’m back on twitter and facebook. And I’m slightly embarrased that the below posts have been on the front page for a year. I did not plan that when I wrote them.

Oh, well.


§354 Time to step back

June 22, 2009

I need to take more time to focus on the IRL life. From now on I will take a long break from internet. No more blog writing, no more twittering, no more facebook, no more blog reading except my wife and my two brothers’ blogs.

Basically – no more internet except for things I need, like email, bank and university.

How long? At least a year. Maybe longer.

See you later! Byebye!


§353 – Happy Birthday

June 22, 2009

Here at home we’re still struggling with keeping the mood up. Kids have been sick 3 weeks straight now. Taking turns, contaging each other. I slept 1½ hour last night just to be able to bring my son water from time to time in his sleep to keep him from dehydration. With a little help from above this too shall pass… eventually.

The title is referring to my brother in Sweden. He is 19 years old today. Happy birthday! I am celebrating your birthday by publishing a youtube video of a 1978 israeli children’s song about a hippie hippo, performed by Mike Burstyn Not that it has anything to do with your birthday or anything…

זו אני היפופוטם
וקוראים לי גברת פם
גברת היפו היפפם
יש לי יש לי בעיה
לי נולד היפופוטם
קצת שמן וקצת חכם
רק שובב יותר מדי
היפו היפי בחיי.

היי הו הפו
היפו היפו היפו
היפו היפו היפפה
היפי היפי הופפה


זו אני היפופוטם
וקוראים לי גברת פם
ולגדל היפופוטם
זה בכלל לא ככה סתם
שערות הוא מגדל
את המוח מבלבל
ת’גיטרה מקמט
היפו היפי באמת.

זו אני היפופוטם
וקוראים לי גברת פם
ופתאום בקיץ חם
היפו היפי נעלם
הוא פגש בהיפופה
היפופה כזאת יפה
הם חזרו עם היפופון
היפו היפי שגעון.


§352 A 3:00 AM phone call

June 20, 2009