§146 The first real post in my new blog

December 22, 2007

Ok, here we go. My new blog! Yeay!

I’ve been blogging for over a year in Lunarstorm.se where I wrote my first 145 posts, and I’ve decided to move my blogging here. On Lunarstorm it was only viewable by registered members, and it was in Swedish. It’s time to go global and blog in the international lingua franca. Today it’s English. We’ll see if it stays that way, or if I’ll have to switch language somewhere along the way.

One of the reasons is my Israeli friends who have up until now not been able to follow my blog. In fact, I’m not sure anyone knew I had one. Anyway, here it is now. No Hebrew, no Swedish. All English so both of my worlds can read it.

I will basically write about my boring everyday life, sometimes spiced with stupid anecdotes or despicable ideas. It’s mainly intended for friends and family, especially the ones living far away. It’ll save me the hassle of actually keeping in touch with people. “If you don’t read my blog and don’t know what’s up with me, then you don’t love me enough!”.
That’s also the reason there’s a link over there to the right where you can get an email subscription of the blog. So there are really no excuses.

Another reason of this blog post is to check how it works. It’s supposed to be exported to my facebook account as well as my own email subscription to it. Gotta check that it works. Come to think of it, I better add a picture just to see how that looks.

Strawberry! Yum!

Strawberries! Yum!

 As to your comments, I’d like some feedback. How does this work for you, the readers (not that I actually care about you…) do you think that the title “Life and thoughts of a superior being” is cool or just stupid and pathetic?

I’m gonna write some stuff about myself over in that “about me” page also, sooner or later. In due time. Just gotta make sure this works.

 Current situation: It’s Saturday evening. Kids are asleep. New week starts tomorrow. I have a recorded 2½ hour lesson that I need to attend this evening, and some dishes left to do. Wife just went to the mall to buy some new bottles. Our two months old baby Talitha ate just before she left, so Talitha stays here with me. First time wife is away from Talitha this long I think. Anyway, these new bottles are important as Talitha has started to drink from bottles as from today and we don’t want to sterilize the only one we have every time she has to eat.

Question of the day: What is in your top left drawer?

This remark in italic marks the end of the blog for no particular reason



  1. Now I’m back! And we’re going to have some coffee!

  2. Det gick ju bra att komma igång! Men var kan jag prenumerera på bloggen – hittar inte – letar vidare…

  3. Hittade det – ska bli kul att läsa!

  4. I really like your Christmas thoughts: a friend of me was in South-East Asia during Xmas years ago and send me a postcard saying “this land is for 80% bhouddist and for 19% islam but here in the main city I’m confronted all day with ‘jingle bells’ and shops with christmas decorations and all familier annoying commercial ‘christmas spirit’ exploitation. The misssionary have done a great job!” The last was cinical ofcourse: sometimes you think the 3rd world took over our (western) bad habits only.

    About the blogtitle “Life and thoughts of a superior being”: I’m the first to interpreted that ironically.. ☺ (does the smiley show good here?) so I like it. Maybe you could make the irony more obvious by “Live, thougths and daily struggles of a superiour being”.. ☺
    Good luck and keep the blog going,

  5. And yes, I like some coffee! Always… ☺

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