§148 Butterflies

December 25, 2007

Going to sleep now. A few things to say. If you see this on facebook you need to click to get to the real blog. Same thing in emails. Bwahaha, I’m forcing you to click before you read.

Also, you who have commented may have noticed that the comment doesnt show up immediatelly, because I have to approve it first. Well, don’t fear. If I have approved your comment once, you just write the same name and email next time and it will pass the filter. You will be pre-approved to comment. So basically, write a normal comment. I will approve it. And then you’re free to rant any bullsh*t you want. Isn’t that a lovely thought?

A big thankyou to NerdsRus for being the first person to comment my blog except my wife and my mom. (Yeay! I’m readable!)

I’m seriously considering not sending in the paper for this friday and focusing on next friday instead. It’s not mandatory.

I’m also wondering what a butterfly’s view would be on the subject that the English language sees him as an annoying little black buzzing insect but enhanced by very well whipped stuff from a cow’s maternal feeding.

Also, I’m thinking I shouldnt be allowed to blog when my thoughts roam around those areas.

And also – this is me from below. I am superior.


And this is from above. Good night!

Yes, I’ve been playing with the webcam.

Question of the day: How come no one ever answers them?

And so John continues to ponder…



  1. Well, that one is easy! Your last post refused to accept my comment!! I felt very discriminated against 😉

  2. Hey, don’t complain! I made a link to your blog over there to the right. Together with the blog of my wife and of Peter Englund. Feel honored to be listed with such noble people =)
    Besides, now that I’ve confirmed a comment of yours, you can ramble on as much as you want. =)

  3. Oh my shizzle!!! 😀

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