§149 Mr. *****, dollar salad and a three year old carrot

December 25, 2007

Just to keep up the tradition I will start with “I’m so tired”. I just read my past posts and realized that… I suppose it’s just a reflex to write how you feel at the moment. Especially when you sit down to just write whatever random yadda-yadda that comes to your mind without thinking of a specific subject. So, yes. As usual I’m tired. It’s a static state of being at the moment. I suppose it will pass sooner or later. When the kids leave home in another 25 years or so.

Wife is just about to take a shower and I’m next. She usually showers a few brief minutes, so I’ll have to write fast. Or short. Or both. Reminds me of something I heard once “And Mr. ****** is the next speaker, I promise you he will be very brief”. Yeay, I’m sure Mr. ****** was delighted. What a great introduction. Big chance people will actually listen to what he has to say after that, right?
No, I don’t remember where I heard it, nor who Mr. ***** is, but a guess would be that that sentence has been said more than once throughout world history, annoying a bunch of speakers.

What the heck am I mumbling about? I have no clue.

Ok, I’ll just write about my day. Got to work. Boss is sick and comes to work anyway, as usual.

On the bus on the way home I keep falling asleep. It’s not good when I’m trying to study. All those dollars and shekels and import and export equations just turn into a salad in my head when I’m like that. Maybe I should try to get some more sleep during the night? Is there anyway to sleep 8 hours during the 6 hours I have? I would have to sleep really fast then, I think. Or at least I could try to be in bed by midnight so I actually sleep those 6 hours and don’t miss the first half hour. Yes, that’s what I’ll do.

That means that I’m in bed in another 15 minutes. And the wife just came out of the shower. I’m of to shower and go to bed. Wish me a happy and dreamless sleep. They’re always dreamless (of what I can remember that is), but sometimes when my three year old son comes up to go to the bathroom I think he’s a carrot. Or a rat. It depends on what I’ve been dreaming, but I usually have no memory of it the day after.

The question of the day: יש בכלל ישראלים שקוראים פה?

Man, get over it, it’s been three years!


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