§151 Happy thoughts

December 27, 2007

Good morning. I’m in the office. First time blogging from here actually.

First of all amendment from yesterday – boss was much more ok and calmer later. It was just her first reaction to get mad. I also wrote when I was mad and full of frustration (see all the spell mistakes I made…)

The kid seemed ok this morning. I gave him his regular breakfast, and no problems at all. Me and my wfie decided to skip studies yesterday and went to sleep at 21:30. Slept more than 8 hours. I don’t think I’ve slept that much since… since… since… can’t even remember… Years ago!

Wife has a killer headache today. If it gets so bad she can’t move from the sofa she’ll call me and I’ll leave everything. I’m hoping she will be ok. I can’t be away from office 2 days in a row, especially when the boss is sick.

Yes, boss is gone today also. I’m the ruler of the office! Woohoo! Always calmer and easier to work when you can do your job without having a boss looking over your shoulder all the time.

On the other hand, I am blogging instead of working right now… I’ll better go back to work…

Question of the day: Why does the sun keep on shining? (I think the answer is something about nuclear processes or something, but please do give a full 10-pages answer)

Here swims Charles the Swan



  1. And how do you know it is still shining? I’m feeling better now – but still very tired.

  2. Skönt att Efraim mår bättre! Vi hörs i helgen!

  3. Jag tror ni sov mer än 8 timmar per natt förra sommaren när ni var här… Däremot sov vi inte så mycket då. 🙂

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