§152 Sick anniversary

December 29, 2007

Yesterday me and my wife celebrated our fifth anniversary by being sick and puking all day. Yes, Thursday evening it started. Me, the wife, and Emunah, the two year old. We puked all night. Efraim, the three year old already had it, so he was the only healthy one. He and our baby Talitha who was, and is, miraculously healthy.

So forget all the happy thoughts of my last blog. Yesterday was the worst day ever. Happy fifth anniversary.

When the day was finally over we went to sleep before 19:00 and slept all night till 7:00 – I don’t think I’ve ever slept that much since we got kids. Today we’re all healthy again (but my back hurts after laying down for 12 hours). It’s good it’s Shabat so I don’t need to go to work. I really need this day to rest.

And, yes, the boss got mad at me for being sick. I’m getting quite sick of her. It’s really time to look for another job.

Besides that we have a calm and nice shabat now. Just resting and being together.

And here’s a picture taken 5 years ago:


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