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December 30, 2007

I am sort of getting annoyed by writing to around 20-30 readers and get one or two comments every time. That’s the first thing I wanted to say.

The second thing I wanted to say is that I’ve actually written something in that “about me” page over there *pointing to the right*

Work today was ok. A lot to do of course because of my absence, but no fighting like I was prepared for. Just as well, I’ll look for another job quietly. She’ll fight when she finds out I’m actually going to take a day off on my wife’s birthday this Friday as I agreed with her months ago (if I know her right she will regard the Friday off as “taken” because I was sick last Friday). She’ll probably also fight when I need to do my university exams and start her lectures about how many unemployed PHD:s there are. As if I would say “Wow, you’re right, the hell with my plans for a future as a successful investor consult, I’ll throw these last 6 months of hard work and 5000 shekels in the trash so I can stay in this office with you”. *mumbling something inappropriate about my boss*

It also hit me that this 5 year anniversary was really a 5 year anniversary. Not only of the wedding, but also of the puking. I hadn’t been this sick since December 25th 2002.

The story goes like this – I took a month off from the army service (when you have parents living abroad they let you do that once a year) and took the plane to Sweden. Spent christmas eve (which I still celebrated back then) with my family in southern Sweden. On the night between 24th and 25th I woke up a few times puking. Not very nice.
The day after me and my sister took the train to northern Sweden where my wife and her family lived and where our wedding was supposed to be held. It was only a 10 hour ride. When we finally arrived I see my beloved future wife for the first time since October, and I CAN’T EVEN TOUCH HER not to endanger our health under the chuppa. Never been that frustrated in my life!
For a while I was afraid it would stick and that I would end up puking when trying to give her the ring. Thank God, it passed in time, and we were able to be responsible enough to keep our hands off each other so she didn’t catch it. The wedding could begin safely.

Christin, if you read this, please comment (she objected me taking my blog off lunarstorm.se and put it here. I want to know if it made her stop reading it)

And one more thing – yes I might write about other stuff sooner or later, but in the meanwhile, just cope with the fact that almost every single post is categorized under “Random yadda-yadda”. Because that’s exactly what it is.

Now I need to study Economy!

Tip of the day: If you ever feel that you really need to exercise – lay down until it passes
Question of the day: When did you shower last time?
Word of the day: Gushpanka (approbation in aramaic)

Look, Gepetto! I’m a real boy!



  1. En kommentar från mig (på svenska!). Jag minns din magsjuka och till råga på allt fick vi alla andra också den. Jonathan spydde hela vägen upp till Sundsvall och pappa var också sjuk precis innan bröllopet. Jag minns inte om jag var sjuk, jag tror faktiskt jag klarade mig. Skönt att du har sluppit det under dessa fem år! Vi har hunnit ha det några gånger till sen dess, senast förra vintern ungefär vid samma tid.
    Lycka till med pluggandet!

  2. Ja du klarade dig ju förra vintern när alla andra i familjen hade det.. Fast förra vintern var det första gången på 10 år för mig. Svårare att komma undan nu när man har småbarn..

  3. Oh, that must have given your wedding arrangement some…hm… excitement. I had the worst flu EVER in 2002, which happened to coincide with a day of traveling by bus, car and plane. Not the best day of my life!

  4. Quote by superiour dude: “I am sort of getting annoyed by writing to around 20-30 readers and get one or two comments every time. That’s the first thing I wanted to say.”

    Been very busy kiking systems into the new year… Promise to read you this weekend… and you know I can’t keep my (virtual) mouth shut and Nerds always have comments.. 🙂

  5. Känner igen det där med att måsta hålla sig från varandra. Jag o H firade vår förlovning med att han (dan efter) for till Borås o drack radioaktivt jod (under kontrolerade former på sjukhuset) o sen fick jag inte gå närmre än en meter på tre dar, suck, men det gick det me´!

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