§155 Birthday, Shabat and Fiddler

January 4, 2008

It’s my wife’s birthday today. Yesterday evening I sat up after she went to sleep in order to finish my paper. By 5:30 AM I still hadn’t finished (mostly because those pink elephants keep intruding my thoughts at that time of the day), and the kids were up. So I let them out and gave them papers and crayons to make drawings for mommy on her birthday. At 6 o’clock we woke her up singing happy birthday and gave her the gifts. Drawings from the children and from me mascara, contact lenses (was on her wish list – so she can look and feel beautiful even if she’s a housewife with 3 kids – she deserves it), a coffee mug and 8th season of friends (ok, that one was a little to myself also… we already have the first 7 seasons).

Then I left for work, ended at 12 and came back home. Met up with her at the mall and took a coffee at the cafe. Her parents were with the kids.

Then we came home, and her mother finished the shabat dinner (also a gift – a friday off, her mother made all shabat preparations). I fell asleep on the couch with kids climbing on me.

Then the shabat eve, wonderful time together, kids went to sleep. The we saw Fiddler On The Roof. Apparently her parents had never seen it, and it’s such a classic, I won’t agree to it. So we saw the full almost 3 hour DVD version of it together just now. Sad ending, being evicted from Anatevka like that. Brought my thoughts to Gaza 2005. And Bush’s plans for the settlement where I live. Luckily we have a God with much more power than Bush.

Anhyway, it’s 23:50 and I’ve been awake 42 hours, so it’s time to get ready and go to bed. Tomorrow it’s shabat. God’s greatest gift to man. Good night!

Tip of the day: Bite random people in the nose
Question of the day: What should we name the gold fish?

Traditiooooon, tradition!



  1. Godnatt, hoppas du får sova gott!

  2. Sverker!!

  3. I like Sverker! I’ll ask Efraim what he thinks. We can tell him that Sverker den äldre is the king who was killed by his stable boy on his way to the christmas mass in 1156

  4. Efraim was ok, but the wife put in a veto. Sverker gives her bad vibes because of some show host in Sweden.

  5. Is that the same king who was beheaded outside of a church after mass? Where his head fell a spring of water appeared.

    Handy in the desert. Those damned amalekites, eh?

  6. No, no, that was St. Erik. The spring is just folklore, but he was definitally beheaded. They opened his grave and checked the bones. Erik was the king who came after Sverker den äldre, and he is possibly the one who was behind the stable boy murder.

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