§156 No blog today

January 8, 2008

Sorry, but it’s past midnight. Too late to blog. Maybe tomorrow. I’ll be writing of all these americans coming here. One of them being the millionaire owner of my work place. Another one being president Bush.

Work is easier nowadays though, when the boss is caught up in meetings with the millionaire all the time.

When is it Bush arrives? If it’s tomorrow I can expect traffic jams.

About the studies, I can happily report that I have finished all papers for the economy, and have put it aside for the moment. Now I’m concentrating on the statistics. There’s a paper to hand in by Friday, and 2 more the next Friday. When I’m done with that, I’ll forget statistics for a while and study economy until the test on January 31st. Then I only have the statistics to worry about till the test February 11th. Then I’ll be free. For a while.

I’m going to sleep. A better blog tomorrow.



  1. The president is coming on Wednesday.

  2. Ah… President Bush. Our great embarrassement! How much would you take to keep him there in Israel? Maybe gag him while you are at it so he doesnt sound so completely stupid?

    Oh Im just kidding. His reign of terror and stupidity is almost over. Onto the next…

    Im glad that work is easy… gives you time to harass me on my blog…lol 🙂

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