§157 ISRAEL and what’s happening around here

January 9, 2008

Okay, so I’m picturing president Bush thinking to himself “Hmm… my time is almost over. One year left. Now how will I be remembered? The first president who won the elections on a technicality because of a 100 year old unchanged constitution, even if most people voted for his opponent? Or the son who tried to do better than his dad but instead got the US stuck in Iraq for 30 years and then the US left unconditionally, so that a leader 10 times worse than Saddam could rise to power and arm himself with nuclear bombs that no american would believe anymore because of past experience until he bombed New York? No, I need to do something significant during 2008. Something people will remember me by. Something that will give me a name in the history books. Lets see, making US a super power is already done… getting caught with an intern is also already done… Hey, what if I wave my magic wand and within one year create that palestinian state that no one has succeeded in creating despite trying for the last 60 years? I mean a half jewish state should be enough, the arabs need 23 states. 22 is simply not enough. Ok, that’s what I’ll do. I’ll start by actually for once visiting that country. Now I’ll better get to some bible reading and praying. Hmm.. let’s see Joel chapter 3… ‘For, behold, in those days, and in that time, when I shall bring again the captivity of Judah and Jerusalem, I will also gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat, and will plead with them there for my people and for my heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and parted my land.’ I wonder who he is talking about? Who is parting whose land? Oh, well, it’s political issues from thousands of years ago, it doesnt really concern me…”

Very well. Bush is coming here to divide our land. Will we let him? Apparently. Let’s think back. In 1999 Barak was elected as prime minister. His actions led Israel down the toilet and made him so impopular, his party has never won another election since then. What did he do? He caused the intifada. By being willing to give away too much in Camp David he showed weakness. When he was not willing to divide Jerusalem totally, but only partly, Arafat launched the intifada, with Sharon’s visit to the temple mount as an excuse. Note that during Barak’s election campaign he was seen on the walls of Jerusalem proclaiming it as the eternal capital of Israel and the Jewish people. So that traitor was elected away. One of his opponents, someone who supported Sharon of the Likud party, was the mayor of Jerusalem. Ehud Olmert. He accused Barak of being willing to divide Jerusalem. Something likud would never ever do. When Olmert was asked if Barak consulted him about the division of Jerusalem he responded reluctantly that “We may have peaked at some maps” (not to be quoted as a source, this is an uncertain memory of something I think I overheard on the radio 7 years ago).

Well, here we are again. Now Olmert is prime minister, and Barak is security minister. But they’re still the same people. The same people who 7 years ago were willing to divide our country and our capital.

We, the people, are just waiting for the next elections, so we can throw them out. Latest poll shows Olmert has no chance whatsoever to be reelected. And why would he? He is trying to throw me out of my home.

We left Lebanon – we got rockets, war and killed people. We left Gaza, we got Kassam rockets, war and killed people. What will happen if we leave the West Bank and divide Jerusalem? Please, people! Learn from history! Look back! What good has any of these peace efforts done but intensifying the war?

I thank God that I believe in him and can put my trust in him. I thank him for all his promises about Israel. Without that, we’re doomed.

So, anyway, after rambling on about politics… tomorrow Bush is coming to Jerusalem. I can just hope that all the mess will be in west Jerusalem and not around my work.

Some unconfirmed gossip from the hotel business: American security has demanded from the hotel where Bush is staying that they give all their arab workers a week off. American security demands. Hm.. and then Bush goes to… Ramallah…

Took some time to learn more about the situation in Darfur. I can only say that if Israel can’t do anything about it, or at least help the refugees that come from there… well then stop complaining about how the world closed their eyes to the holocaust! Shame on you, government! But I suppose you have more important issues to deal with. Which dessert president Bush will be given, for instance.

Last but not least. I love this song. The refrain is:

האמיני יום יבוא
טוב יהיה מבטיח לך
לחבק אותך אבוא
והכל אשיח לך

An ugly translation to English “Believe me, the Day will come. It will be good, I promise you. I will come to hug you, and I will tell you everything”. It is written as a song from the soldier in the War of Independence in 1948 to his girlfriend at home. My favourite part is

וכשנובחים פיות הסטנים
המרגמות נאנחות
אז מחשבתי תעבירני
אלייך רעה ואחות
ואז אדע
לקרב יש טעם
אף כי המחיר יקר מאוד
כדי שיום יבוא אי פעם
נוכל לנשום פה ולחיות

In English “And when the stan guns’ mouthes are barking, and the bombs are sighing. Then my thoughts bring me to you, my friend and sister. And then I know, the battle has a meaning. Even if the price is very high. So that the Day one day will come, when we can breathe and live here”.



  1. Interesting blog post.

    You know, when we started to refocus on Iraq, I just knew it was because Junior wanted to show Daddy that he could play with the big guns.

    I am desperate for peace in the middle east. I wish we had a president who was willing to do what it takes to really make that happen. However, an ignorant stupid one is going to make things worse.

    I feel like he’s a child amongst an adult conversation trying to sound like he has any kind of point of view that could possibly be valid. What an idiot!

  2. Hey, I like that clip whith the song, nice to hear som hebrew, it’s been a longe time since. I’d love to come wisit you sometime soon again but I’ll guess it takes at least ’til next spring (at the other hand I’ll probably get a certain Friend to come along…).

    PS du är modig (dumdristig??) som vågar blogga om jobbtrassel på engelska o inte bara sv, å andra sidan vet folk kanske inte VILKET hotell det gäller.

  3. Nä, dom vet ju inte det…

  4. He he he, I liked the hotel gossip, he he he, it really pleased my evil tendencies.

    And I can really understand the point of view of regular israelis: withdrawals have only meant more violence, so why bother?

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