§158 Bush, Darfur and future history

January 12, 2008

So Thursday morning I’m in the bus minding my own business on my way to work. Then there’s a crazy traffic jam for some reason. Bush? But he wasn’t supposed to be around this area. (Turns out later that the weather conditions had forced him to take the limo instead of the helicopter).

The bus takes a wrong turn and I’m asking what’s going on. “They’ve closed down the main road because of Bush” the driver explains. “So I’ll reach the central bus station through Ramot instead” Bus Station? Ramot? Nono, that’s not even close to my job. I’d be closer to leave the bus right now and walk. I explained to him where my job was and asked where he could drop me off as close as possible.

So in the end I find myself in front of the main road. Further down that road, on the other side of the street is my job. The guard tells me “I’m not allowed to let you pass. Continue down the road, maybe there’s an opening over there, I don’t know”. I walk until I can see my work place on the other side of the street. “No, the convoy’s supposed to pass here, you’ll have to wait”. When? “Any minute now – not more than an hour”

Then a bunch of police cars pass by. Followed by a few black cars. Then two limos, and some more black cars. And then an ambulance, and a few more police cars.

I think Bush was on the floor in the ambulance, or maybe he was one of the cops on motor cycle. To distract attention.

So I was One and a half hour late to work and missed my breakfast. That morning I was hungry and it was Bush’s fault. But I guess there are a few million people in the world who always can say that they’re hungry and it’s Bush’s fault.

Anyway, making people come late to work is unfortunately not the only trouble that man is causing.

On another note, I heard Swedish and Norwegians lately have been accused of being Mossad and CIA agents. Haha! They wish. Anyway, the Sudani regime needed an excuse, and it’s much more internationally acceptable to hate Israel and USA than to hate Sweden and Norway.

So, what is going on in Darfur and why don’t people do anything about it? USA overthrew Saddam for being evil to his people. Why don’t they do the same in Sudan? You don’t think… *gasp* that USA attacked Iraq because of economic and political interests? Nooooo, that can’t be… The Darfur genocide can’t be as bad as they say. If it was, then the entire world would have screamed and made it stop, right…? They did so 70 years ago, right….?

Anyway, consider above my personal scream about the genocide.

Here’s a thought – horses have been people’s main way of going places for thousands of years, and only a hundred years ago we switched to cars. What’s in the future? I like the idea that we will eventually go back to horses. Maybe when all fossil fuel are finished. The book of revelation does speak of four horse riders, not cars… 😉

I think when future generations read about us in their history books it will go something like this

“We usually mark the beginning of the third world war with the attack on September 11th 2001. Others tend to place it a few decades later when the war was global. However, there is no real point where you can say “here it started”, because during the first few years after that attack people in the “western world” as they referred to it, continued their lives as if nothing, without realising their civilisation was already doomed. It seems no one was aware that the ongoing third world war was an actual war until it was too late.”


One comment

  1. Im sure that Bush has made plenty of people hungry and miserable. We are starting to see the results of his policies hitting about now. (It always takes about 6 years for the policies to hit the economy) Our economic slow down and recession is coming…..though its not very fair to say that is all Bush’s fault. Clinton did the damage we are feeling since he left office with his wonderful policies. 😛

    Im all in favor of horse back coming back into fashion. I owned my own horse for a long time and love to ride (although I cant these days). Saying the 4 horsemen in the bible….. you are stretching it there!!! LOL

    If you have the opportunity, do go see Charlie Wilson’s war. I think you’ll enjoy it… it kinda talks about the Mossad/CIA connection.

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