§161 It’s dangerously boring to bottle feed

January 24, 2008

As I came home from work I put the two older kids to bed, and the wife was off to the grocery. It’s just me an Talitha awake now. She became hungry (as Elisheva warned me she would be) and I gave her the bottle. Man, it’s boring just to sit there and look into the precious baby’s beautiful eyes. It’s dangerously comfortable and cosy also. My point is that babies drifting off to sleep as they are bottle fed is totally normal. Parent drifting off falling asleep while feeding is NOT that recommended. Luckily I was aware enough not to let it go too far. When it did it was like “and so those green giraffes started chewing on the… hang on… what am I holding in my arms? Are my eyes open? NO!” and there I was again holding a baby.

Anyway, it’s a surprisingly small mountain of dishes to be made today, so I really have a good opportunity to get some study done. Test is next Thursday, so there’s no time to loose. Dishes, then something to eat, and then study while eating.

Of course, Talitha may turn those plans upside down at any time… but let’s just hope she won’t.

Oh, and look to the right. Added some stuff to the blogroll if you haven’t noticed. And a small box with me in a nutshell. Every time I hear that expression I always have to fight the urge to quote Austin Powers “No, this is me in a nutshell: Help! I’m in a nutshell! How the heck did I get in here??” (Probably not a very accurate quote, but you get it).

Hey, why is that camera taking my picture? *surprised look*


Half an hour later – poor little sick Emunah came up, crying. Hurts somewhere, but she cried so much she couldn’t tell me. She had no fever (yeterday she had 39.5 celsius, and Elisheva took her to the doctor today), nothing was good, nothing was ok. After a few minutes of hugging she went back to sleep. Poor little girl. It’s just so frustrating to see your kids in pain when you can’t do anything about it!

Now I’ve become so hungry my plans are revised. Some eating+studying first, and then the dishes, and then back to study. Now Talitha is drifting off here, I better put her in her cosy stroller before she falls asleep in the baby-sitter.

Oh, no! Now I hear Emunah cry again… Gotta go!

The italic comment has been absent due to illness but is now back



  1. Ni skulle verkligen behöva en diskmaskin – din diskning finns med i varje blogg! Leta efter en vetja – så skramlar vi ihop lite bidrag till den!

  2. Finns den? Tja, den är en integral del av mitt liv. Det där benet i halsen. Den Onde som man måste besegra varje dag för att kunna hinna plugga. Vart exakt skulle vi få plats med en diskmaskin bara…?

  3. That’s why bottlefeeding while lying next to the baby, instead of sitting up, can be more safe! Though, not very productive.

  4. I actually thought a long time about your post before replying. As someone who wasnt blessed by God with children I cant imagine anything more beautiful and not boring than sitting there with your baby in your arms looking into his or her beautiful eyes and feeding giving them nourishment to grow and become healthy and strong. Maybe if I had to do it day after day I too would take it for granted. I dont know.

    Still, cherish those quiet times while you can. Your babies will be wanting their independance from you quickly enough and you will long for the days where you could just hold them and make everything better with a simple bottle.

    Cute picture of you…..

  5. There’s good boring and there’s bad boring. The description above is good boring.

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