§164 Notes to self

February 8, 2008

Finally shabat again! 

To do the coming week:

-Prepare for the test on Thursday
-Prepare my sermon for next Shabat
-Prepare papers for wife’s visa extension
-Write blog. Do not forget to mention: 

1 – The crazy test-Thursday of January 31st when the boss was in Madrid and everything became chaos at work.
2 – More thoughts about Darfur and what I found about my government
3 – Some more political views regarding the peace process, Palestinians, etc (only if I’ve gathered enough courage)
4 – Some religious views to attack Ambefireinus’s religious views mentioned in her earlier blog post (maybe only in a comment to her post or in my own blog, not decided yet).
5 – The next courses that just started (Differential and Integral maths, MacroEconomy and Industry Economy) and how I’m dealing with them.
6 – Try to be a bit funny but do not let people take you unserious. Make up a funny thing for the stupid italic comment and add a question to encourage people to comment.



  1. Yay!!!!!! He’s back!!!!!

  2. I had better brace myself and make sure my wits are sharp for this one… Im sure its gonna be a good one all saved up!

  3. *tittar in och kommenterar* 😛

  4. du e kul du

  5. lycka till på provet idag!

  6. Another Shabbat rolls by…. no decent post from you. Although I appreciate your posts to my blog, your own is being neglected!!!! Don’t make me say something religiously outrageous on your blog to get you going!

  7. Maybe that’s what I’m trying to make you do 😉

    Actually, I was planning on blogging today. We’ll see if I’ll have time. Last week I had a test on Thursday and then I preached on Saturday, so there were a bunch of things to get ready for that had higher priority.

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