§165 I’m back, and I’m free!

February 17, 2008

I’m back again! Came home from work. Wife went shopping. Talitha, our 4-months old got a vaccination today and has been cranky all day. I fed her just as Elisheva (wife) left and then I’ve been trying to calm her down. She was ok sitting up in the babysitter as long as entertained her, but I noticed she was too tired. In the end I put her to sleep in her stroller. She cried and cried, but finally fell asleep as I rocked the stroller back and forth, back and forth. 

I’m free! 

I did my last test this Thursday. Statistics. Went pretty well, I noticed allt the types of hypothesis testing they wanted me to do, I was able to calculate the t-test or z-test and compare it to the critical value. I think I did pretty good, but I don’t have any results yet.Come to think of it… they must’ve put out the right answers on the website by now. I’ll check! 

Yes! Of the four questions only one paragraph of one of the questions was wrong. I remember I reached the right calculations there but I wasn’t sure how to imply the results, and I drew the wrong conclusion. No big deal. I’ll probably get part of the points for that. 

Now Talitha woke up screaming. Poor baby probably hurts somewhere. I’m rocking the stroller as I blog. Wife called a few minutes ago. She’s on her way home. Talitha is getting calmer… fall asleep, little baby, fall asleep… Sssscccchhhh…… 

She’s asleep. 

Now, this last test was February 14th. I haven’t told you about January 31st. That day that was craaaaazy and I promised I would tell you another time.  Well now’s another time.  Here we go.

On January 31st it was snowing in Jerusalem. It almost never happens, and everything stands still. We’re preparing for a similar scenario tomorrow. Anyway, I got to work late because of the snow, because no buses were going in the morning. Now my boss was not there, she was abroad at some international fair. Now, it’s usually works that way that she gets the reservations to her email, confirmes them and sends me a cc. I enter the reservation in the hotel system, print it and then my coworker, we can call her “I.S.”, files it. When the boss is abroad she’s at the exhibition during the day, and sends the emails in the evening. So when we arrive in the morning we expect a full mailbox with today’s work.

This day there was no email.

Apparently my boss was too tired yesterday evening and decided to take care of it today. Well, there’s never any lack of work, so we went on until I had to go at 14:00 to go to my test. At that precise minute my boss decides to start working! Well, there was nothing to do. I left IS in the office and went to do  the test in Macroeconomy. The test starts at 16:00 but it was in the other side of the city, and I didn’t know how often and slow the buses would go with all the snow. I did the test. Stupid trick questions. Of course I passed, but I only got 72% on the test. Luckily I had above 90% on almost all my papers during the semester, which helped me to reach a final grade of 77%. Not very good, but at least it’s no failure. I passed and can go on. 

After the test I took the bus back to work. It was 19:00. I had 70 new emails. Great! After one and a half hour I had finished it all and went home. So I went to the bus stop and waited for the bus. And waited. And waited. And waited. After half an hour I was almost frozen to the seat, so I got up and took a walk around to keep myself warm. Don’t you think I was stupid enough to cross to the other side of the street, and don’t you think the bus decides to come EXACTLY then?? After another half hour I finally got on a bus and got home. The perfect end of a perfect day… that day was craaaaaazy! 

Now, I also wrote that I should mention Darfur and what I found out about my government, but I think I’ll wait with that. It’ll take too much time. Also indulging in politics and all is no use now. Well maybe that stupid idea I got – what’s the problem erasing the palestinian authority and giving all palestinians israeli citizenship? Demographic problem? Well, why don’t we just force all American jews to move to Israel? If we can do it with Gaza why not with the US? *giggle* Seriously, childish comments aside. A massive jewish immigration and a one-state solution would be the best for us all I think. One country for us all where we can live in eternal peace and harmony with nature and each other. 

No, wait, I forgot. There’s no chance that’ll ever happen. 

My new university courses. I just finished two, now I’m starting three. Below I will indulge in exactly what and how they are. Feel free to skip. 

1 – Differential and integral mathematics for economic students. This is basically the math I learned at high school. Maybe a bit more intensive and detailed, and a bit more directed at economy. Doesn’t seem too hard. Of all 7 chapters, I’ve already finished the first two. Just read it though, I’ll still need to review it to really learn it. 

2 – Macroeconomy A. This is the second course. The one I got 77 in was “Introduction to macroeconomy”. This is the continuation. It’s a tiny course. Only 2 points, when most courses are 6 (and they all cost equally…). However, it’s obvious that it was once the first macroeconomy course ever. It has 5 equally long chapters, but they expect us to finish the first three during the first 3 weeks, and then spend the rest of the semester on the 2 remaining chapters. Apparently the first 3 is nothing but repetition of the course I’ve already taken. So it’s just reading reading reading. This is where I have my first paper to hand in also. By March 9th. Still have a few weeks. 

3 – Industrial economy. I needed 3 courses to apply for scholarship, and I chose this as the third. It’s my first choice-course. It’s not a mandatory course to take to get the BA in economics. But all the mandatory courses I have left require that I have done the “Differential and integral mathematics” – course. So I chose this. It only requires microeconomy as previous knowledge, which I studied last year. When I look through it, it’s like my first encounter with real life economy. All the basic courses I’ve taken (and am taking) are theoretic. They teach the mathematic tools you need to analyse the economy, but this one explains about the reality. It comes with real figures and articles from the news and everything. It was a little frightening that the book in the introduction mentioned that I “probably already know how the price of the product is set” – referring to the three “price” courses that I will spend 3 future semesters studying. No I haven’t taken those yet. They require the math course first. Anyway, those courses were not listed, not even as recommended, so I shouldn’t have anything to worry about. 

Tomorrow I’m going to Tel Aviv. A day off from work. Stay home with the family till 11:00 and then sit long hours on the bus to Tel Aviv, and then long hours back. It’s wonderful to be free from work in the middle of the week when it happens. Not telling why I’m going there, and there’s no big deal either so leave it. 

Now, was there anything else I wanted to tell? Oh, yes of course! I’m a preacher! I had waaay to much though, so when I saw the time was up I rounded it up and said we’ll take the rest next time I preach. Had to cut it in half. There’s just too much exciting material in 1st Thessalonikians 5: 14-28. At a first glance it’s just a bunch of commands. How to be, what to do, what not to do, etc. But when I made some research. What is this letter? Why did Shaul write it? Who is it’s audience, and what was the purpose of the letter? Then it gets so much deeper. And I find myself finding these amazing connections between the commands that at a first glance just looked random. If I ever have time (yeah, right), I’ll translate my preaching notes, write it down as a sermon, and publish it right here. Anyone opposing the idea? 

By the way, Elisheva is already home and she’s cooking. And now it’s time to eat. While watching some “Friends” episodes! Yeay! 


It’s an hour later. We’ve been eating and drinking coffee while watching 2 episodes of “Friends”. I’m sort of taking this evening off. I might do some studies if I get some spare time. I might not. I love not having any heavy pressure on me. Tomorrow I will have lots of time to study on the bus. Time to do some dishes and then maybe I’ll study little. I’m gonna need to figure out a way to keep blogging. No way will I be able to write these long blog posts once my studies kick into gear. It’ll have to be short blogs from now on.

I’ll finish this with some words from a song in Swedish that is totally untranslatable. I challenge any Swedish speaker to translate this to any other language: 

Så far och flyg och ryk och ränn
och bom sicka bom vad det small i den
och spring och spring och kom igen
och bom sicka bom uti mässingen 

Och tjut och tjut och tjosan sen
och bom sicka bom är du med på den?
så far och flyg och ryk och ränn
och bom sicka bom är du med på den?
och bom sicka bom är du med på den? 
och bom sicka bom är du med på den? 


Question of the day: “Why do bad things happen to good people?”
Quote of the day: ”He’s pining for the fjords!”
Word of the day: “Video”. It means “I see” in latin. 

Now, don’t be silly, Mr. Smith. I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation



  1. Because good people are not as good as they think, thus deserving bad things, ha ha… ha ha….

  2. Wow a real blog…. my goodness.

    Sounds like you are going to have your hands full with those classes.

    I am ramping up my endless list of religious outrageous questions to ask you!

    You give new meaning to typing with one hand…. by rocking your daughter with the other one….. now I have heard it all!

  3. Nu har jag läst hela bloggen klart! Det var kul att prata när du var på bussen! Kram från mamma

  4. DrKotte: Ok, so why do good things happen to bad people then?
    Amber: Actually I was typing with two hands and rocking her stroller with my foot.

  5. Well thank you for clearing that up for us all!

    If you think about it… there is no Good or Bad. There are only lessons. In the end, the lessons turn into enlightenment. Some of those lessons are painful yes, but needed to grow…

  6. Things happen to people. Whether the things/people are good/bad is a matter of personal interpretation. I prefer to see them as both and neither simoultaneously, albeit through an ultimately optimistic lens.

  7. Completely untranslatable (?), but here’s a go:

    Så far och flyg och ryk och ränn
    och bom sicka bom vad det small i den
    och spring och spring och kom igen
    och bom sicka bom uti mässingen

    Och tjut och tjut och tjosan sen
    och bom sicka bom är du med på den?
    så far och flyg och ryk och ränn
    och bom sicka bom är du med på den?
    och bom sicka bom är du med på den?
    och bom sicka bom är du med på den?

    So go and fly and smoke and run
    and boom whacka boom what a bang that was
    and run and go and come again/come on
    and boom whacka boom out of the brass

    And shout and cry and scream then
    and boom whacka boom are you with me on this?
    So go and fly and smoke and run
    and boom whacka boom are you with me on this?
    and boom whacka boom are you with me on this?
    and boom whacka boom are you with me on this?

  8. But if there’s a non-verbal agreement between an enough amount of people that a certain thing (like winning a million dollars on the lottery) is a good thing or that another thing (like the holocaust) is a bad thing, I think I’m entitled to label these things that way. ANyway, I know that question has been asked and tried to be answered hundreds of times throughout mankind history. The book of Job provides the answer – that there is no answer.

  9. The book of Job is teh shit! Though, there we know why the bad things happened – because teh lord wanted to make an example…. ^^

  10. That’s the explanation of Job’s specific situation. But in the end of the book God gives the more general explanation of why these things happens. And that’s far more vauge – because there is no explanation.

  11. Sure, you’re entitled to label things. It’s your mind. The non-verbal agreements that you refer to can both be seen as general survival instincts programmed into us or some kind of profound collective unconscious.

  12. Things like the hollocaust are horrible! But it taught us so much! It brought out the worst and in some cases the best in us as people. How many people risked their own lives to hide the Jews? The hollocaust taught so many by its magnitude… just how wrong it is to kill people for their religious beliefs or differences. I don’t claim that our world is in by any means perfect now. But how many of us have been inspired by the stories of survival and courage by those who lived through it? How many have learned from the mistakes of the past…. If those lives lost, somehow teach us a lesson for our future growth then its a painful lesson towards our spiritual enlightenment……

  13. To show the self proclaimed good people that life is not fair! ^^

  14. Jonathan, that “profound collective unconscious” is interesting. It’s what I would call “God”. What would you call it? I’d of course also declare God the programmer of those survival instincts, but that’s less of the point.
    Amber, I’m well aware that often good things can come out of bad. I’m not sure the state of Israel would’ve existed today if it wasn’t for the holocaust. Actually I wouldn’t exist either, because then my grandfather wouldn’t flee to Sweden where he met my grandmother (whether my existence is a good or bad thing is not decided by the profound collective unconscious though). The point is that the thing in itself was bad even if good things came out of it (I’m just labelling things to the right and left as “good” or “bad”)
    ben Avraham – great attempt to translate the untranslatable.

  15. Tobias… you got my point exactly!

  16. I don’t want to limit myself. I’ll call it God, Brahma, whatever it can be called, simultaneously. Every option is viable. You must remember that we humans are the ones who put borders, distinctions and names on things – ultimately, everything can be said to be one thing. Or nothing. lol
    Read the text on my myspace btw, I’ve been updating it like crazy

  17. Why would what most people see as “good” or “bad” be proof that that’s what it also is? When lots of people believe that a certain group of people should die, does that make it right? Is it God telling them that that is the right thing to do?

    I think the “profound collective unconscious” is something that is generated from our education, experiences, culture, social status, economic possibility, gender etc etc. In other circumstances or in another body or with different experiences and so on, the same person could have a complete different opinion of the matter.

    I don’t think everyone would think that winning a million dollar is a positive thing. I, for example, immediately got a negative feeling when reading it. My reason – coz I don’t believe I should have more than anyone else if I don’t deserve it, a sort of socialistic view. My boyfriend’s reason would be – I want to work for the money to feel right about spending it, a sort of capitalistic view with (in this case) the same result but for different reasons.
    Someone that doesn’t have much money would probably only see the positive in getting a million dollars, as I did when I found 100 crowns on my door step at a time that I didn’t have money for food.
    The different views doesn’t mean that it by definition is either one of them, it’s all subjective interpretations of the same thing.

    There are also many theories talking about the Holocaust as something positive, and now I’m not talking about anti-Semitic ones, but Jewish thinkers.

  18. Jonathan – I’ve read the short version, and sent a small answer in Swedish on the other site you posted it. I will eventually read it all and think it through. Latest this summer when these classes are over. Hopefully earlier.

    As to the “borders, distinctions and names” I agree that this is the way of the human mind to simplify reality in order to cope with it. However, most minds try to get their inner reality as close as possible to the Ultimate Truth. If I’ve understood you correctly, you don’t think any such Ulitmate Truth exists, and that’s where we disagree. I can agree that no human being will ever fully succeed in reaching it, but I do believe that there is an Ultimate Truth that is eternal and not limited to human minds. It’s far beyond the realm of human minds.

    Annalill, of course there can be disagreements regarding what is good and what is bad. But there is some sort of general though that being hurt is bad (even if it might lead to good stuff) and feeling nice is good (even if it may lead to horrible results). I think that the “profound collective unconscious” we’ve discussed goes back to that. This is something that we have in all human minds, regardless “education, experiences, culture, social status, economic possibility, gender etc etc”.

    I would personally say that this “profound collective unconscious” is something God has programmed into every human being. What we do with it and which conclusions we draw from it, that’s another thing.

    “For when the Gentiles, which have not the law, do by nature the things contained in the law, these, having not the law, are a law unto themselves” (Romans 2:14)

  19. Ok… lets take Jesus for an example of good coming from bad…. If Jesus hadnt have been martyred as he was, hung on the cross, and treated as he was, do you think his story would have lasted 2000 years? Same with all of the saints. It is their suffering for god which allowed the miracles to happen and sustain the test of time. His story inspired millions to lead better lives, to know god…. his gift of his life gave us all his powerful story of leadership, unselfishness, bravery, and faith.

  20. Yes, but again, this is your subjective point of view. “Good coming from bad” you refer to the good as the impact of Christianity on human kind (which by many people is considered something bad) and to the bad as the crucifiction itself (which must have been considered good by the people who executed him, or they wouldn’t have crucified him).

    My personal point of view on that would be different. I see it as God using something bad to do something good. This good not being “inspiring people” by creating a new religion, but giving human kind a chance to be free from sin just by the mere belief in the fact that it’s done.

  21. See, my take on it is all about free will… giving us the opportunity to grow. You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink…

    People can argue nuclear technology in the same way. The horror of it, and the amazing things it has accomplished. The lives lost the lives saved. Free will is about choice of how you use the information you are given. Do you use it to do good and create positive? Do you use it to create bad? Then out of the bad, is something learned from it from others again offering the opportunity again for good…. thus showing us how God tries his hardest to give us every opportunity to hear him when he tries to teach!

  22. Again, how do you define “good” or “bad”?

  23. That is my entire point…. there is no good or bad in the world… yin and yang … the symbiotic relationship will always be there. You cant tell darkness without light. If you never know evil, you can never know good. If you always know negative, you can never know positive….

    Its balance.

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