§167 Latest news

February 28, 2008

-I got 89 on my statistics test
-Another wonderful Shabat is about to start
-We’re going to Haifa to visit my grandfather next shabat
-Life’s going on
-Rocket war going on around Sderot and Ashkelon – proving that the disengagement was a big mistake. I say we go back and rebuild the settlements.
-I was invited by Leah, the Jerusalem Wanderings blogger, to participate in a get-together with jews, christians and moslems. Dialouge about religion. Sounded really interesting, but unfortunatelly I couldn’t, it was just too last-minute. Think of me next time, please?
-I’m studying John Maynard Keynes’ theories. He is so much cooler than Adam Smith.

Over and out



  1. I think that you should definately try to get to the inter-faith get-togethers. Understanding is the first step to healing, friendship and peace. You are such a wonderful person, so funny, and witty and warm… you will be a great ambassador for your people.

  2. Hejsan, läste i någons blogg att du skrev att du va bosättare? Vart i Israel bor du någonstans? Mvh

  3. Det stämmer. Jag har svarat i en kommentar på din blogg. Sen är det ju en ren händelse att platsen jag bor på råkar vara innanför linjerna som ett par snubbar ritade upp i ett militärtält på 40-talet som eld-upphör linjer.

  4. I see I have to write something religiously outrageous to get any attention!

  5. I’m a busy person. Accept that I can’t blog 5 times a day as certain other people… 😉

  6. Oh sure, throw the job with the long hours, the wife, the kids, the school, and the ministry in my face as a reason not to blog or respond to my blog. Sheesh. Some people are just so full of excuses! *Sigh* Can we say L-A-Z-Y?

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