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§173 I delivered my daughter 5 months ago

March 24, 2008

Today our daughter Talitha is exactly 5 months old. It just hit me that on October 24th, when she was born, I had not yet moved my blog to this place. So to all you who haven’t read it yet, here’s the blog post from October 24th:

§139 I delivered my daughter today

It’s around 05:30 in the morning. The contractions started about 2 hours ago, and they are getting more and more intense. We are preparing to go to the hospital. I’m boiling water to make a cup of coffee. Her parents are on the way from Jerusalem in a cab to look after the kids while we go to the hospital.

Emunah had woken up earlier, but has gone back to bed now. Efraim is up, and can’t go back to sleep. Things are happening, and he wonders what’s going on.

As the contractions grow more intense, we know we need to hurry up now. When Emunah was born it was only 8 hours from the first contraction until birth, so we figured we have around 6 hours.

Wife is in the bathroom.

“The water just broke” she shouts. Wow, that’s early. In the previous births the water didn’t broke until the birth itself.

Then she shouts Something – I still can’t remember what that Something was anymore. It’s a blur. Anyway, I open the door, and I see the baby’s head crowning. My first thought is “No, I can’t do this! This is supposed to happen in the hospital, not here! Put her back in!”

But I am the only one around. I, and Efraim who starts to weep. I calm him down and tell him everything’s ok. At least Elisheva doesn’t shout or scream, so Efraim calms down.

The baby comes out into my arms. She is slippery. The umbilical cord is around her throat, so I immediately pull it over her head, as I’ve seen the doctors do at the previous births. Sort of like taking of a sweater. Only it’s a matter of life or death. Then Elisheva tells me to hold the baby upside down, so the fluids go out, and make sure she breaths. As the fluids go out she coughs and makes a sound.

My beautiful daughter is born, and I delivered her. It was not on purpose, and I do not recommend it to anyone.

We called an ambulance. Her parents arrived and helped out. When the ambulance crew arrived they cut the umbilical cord and took us to the hospital.

Mother and daughter are both fine. They will be home on Friday.

This was an experience…


This story eventually made it to the first page of our very local newspaper.


§172 Happy Purim!

March 22, 2008

So I went to congregation today looking like this. With only one exceptation, me and my wife were the only grown-ups who had costumes. Boring people. Elisheva (wife) was Pippi Longstocking, but she took it off before we got a chance to take a picture. Efraim was a rabbit, as he was at the kindergarten purim party three days ago. Emunah was a dog, but she kept taking it off and didn’t want it.

Yesterday evening we started to deal with that 1000-pieces puzzle I got for my birthday. (Swedish text on the photos because I stole them from my wife’s blog).

Many pieces… but we’re having fun together, eating mishloach manot and drinking coffee.

45 minutes past midnight – but we’re done with one half of it.


§171 The Last Onion

March 19, 2008

As I stood in the kitchen, cutting vegetables, they sat there and laughed at me. The two onions. They knew they were next. They were going to be cutted and put with the rest in the pan. But not before giving me severe pain in the eyes.
They say onions make people cry. I don’t know about others, to me they rather cause pain in the eyes. Pain making my eyes water, making it impossible to see what I’m doing. I’m blindly fumbling around with the knife and the onion, hoping to cut the onion and not my fingers. And this is before I’ve started cutting them. It’s enough just to peal them and I can barely see.
Ok, so I’m exaggerating a little, I can see what I’m doing. But barely.
As I cut the last onion, my wife came by. I told her, for some reason in English, “This is the last onion”. I pondered on that sentence. Maybe it was because it for no reason was in English out of a sudden that made it. But it just hit me. “That sounds like a movie title” I said. “It’s definitelly going to be the title of my next blog post”. So there you go. The last onion. Feel the powerful words. Feel the impact of it. It’s the last onion.

In any case, they’re cut, and my wife is doing something eatable out of them in the kitchen right now. Time for dinner soon. I came back from work around half an hour ago. My plans for the evening? As usual. Eat, do the dishes, study. In that order. And I’ll probably eat something more before I go to sleep as I’m fasting tomorrow. It’s the fast of Esther.

My wife just requested a couple of “Friends” episodes to the meal and coffee. I said ok. I’ll just have to do the dishes really fast after that so I have time to study. There’s a paper that needs to be handed in by Sunday. I solved all 5 questions on the paper, but it takes time to write it down on the computer, to draw all the graphs, etc.

Gotta go. Diaper emergency.

Ok, done. Recent conversation:
Wife: Make sure you wipe it all off, that kind of poo is invisible, but it’s still there.
Me: Kinda like angels.
Wife: Yes. It’s angel poo.

Time to eat. We’ll see if I have time to blog more this evening.


§170 Happy birthday to me

March 16, 2008

Ok, so my real birthday is tomorrow. But today is Shabat and we’re all home. So we celebrated today. There are comments in Swedish on the photos as I’ve stolen them from my wife’s blog. She’s taken all the photos so she’s not in them. And I try to avoid putting out pictures of my children publicly. So it’s basically just me in most of the photos. Sorry if it seems narcisstic. My sister and her fiancé and also my wife’s parents came by. We had a great time together.

So anyway the day started with a happy birthday song and presents.

Now we have something to do together on Friday eves. We’ve already seen every single episode of “Friends” twice on dvd…

My wife made me a moose cake!

This is the cutting of the cake. Or hunting down the moose.

Beside the puzzle my wife also bought me tight boxers with Donald Duck. No, the close-up of my butt in those boxers will not be published here. My wife’s parents gave me a new tsitsit (the old one was falling apart) and those moose napkins you can see on the photo. My sister gave me the first two books in the book serie “The Dark Tower” by Stephen King. Man, am I gonna enter another world…

So now I’m 26. Man, only 4 years left to that big scary 30… that sounds so… grownup! I can’t be a grownup… I’m just a family father with three kids…

Anyway, thankyou Sara for an interesting discussion in the previous post, and a huge thankyou to sister Annalill for rounding it up so great! You’re more up to date than I am, and you get the everyday aspect much better than I. We usually disagree in these matters, but this time I totally agreed.

My wife just came by and bit me in the ear and told me she’s going to sleep. Man she has beautiful eyes! We’ve been married 5 years, I still react on those beautiful eyes. Anyway, I better go to sleep now, before those eyes close.


§169 I live in Israel

March 14, 2008
But apparently Facebook thought otherwise…
After reading the article I started to think it was time to end my membership there. A little sad, it’s the only place where I have contact with some old friends from waaaay back in Sweden (preschool, etc), and a bunch of friends from the army, etc, etc.
Anyway, when I checked my profile “hometown” was erased. I went to settings and typed in “Ma’a” and there it was on the drop down list along with various locations in Mexico and China starting with “maa” – it said “Ma’ale Adumim, Palestine”.
Of course I picked it. Just to make a statement. But as soon as I clicked on it, what appeard on my profile? “Ma’ale Adumim, Israel”.
Apparently, they fixed it.
Ma’ale Adumim, Judean desert, land of Israel. Right around the corner is the biblical Bethania (today an arab village named “azaria” where Ele’azar (Lasarus) was raised from the dead. I like the thought that when Jesus went to the desert to pray and be alone he walked around exactly where I live now. Yeah, he probably did.
Israel – Jerusalem (biblical time before the split, bysantic time and now)
Judea – Jerusalem (biblical time after the split and under Persian, Greek, Maccabean, and Roman rule)
Kanaan – Jebus (kanaaneic pre-israelitic time)
Palestine – Aelina Capitolina (roman time after 70AD)
Falestin – AlQuds (After arab conquest 9th century, and under Othoman rule)
Jerusalem – Jerusalem (Crusaders)
Palestine – Jerusalem (British mandate)
My homeland and its eternal capital sure have had many names throughout the history. We are now independent for the third time.

§168 Quickies

March 10, 2008

Too often I’ve been blogging looong posts and therefore not been able to write as often as I would like. So this is it. I’m gonna have to start to post quickies. Like this one. And I’m gonna have a personal goal – everyday I will make sure something happens that is meaningful enough to be mentioned in the blog. Aha! Now there’s a way to give yourself a meaning in life…

We had a great time in Haifa with grandpa. My sister is getting married on April 14th. My parents and 2 brothers are coming to Israel for the wedding. I haven’t seen them for 2 years!

Today I bought a plastic drawer cabinet for the bathroom, and I’m going to start studying again. I’ve been taking a break from that a few days (I’m a week ahead in any case). But with all the wedding and everything I might as well make sure I’m a few steps ahead.

Other than that I am wondering if the Hebrew word “mechabdi” (“the one who respects me”) should be seen as a verb in present singular masculine tense with a objective pronoun in first person singular, or if it rather is a singular masculine noun with a possesive pronoun in first person singular.

I’ve also been thinking of what happened here. An israeli arab killed those people at the yeshiva. A israeli citizen. I work with these people. They’re all around me. I try not to be biased, and not say that “all arabs are terrorists”, because they’re not. Most are not. But when the Gaza people cheer in the street because innocent people have been killed – what is that? We’ve never done that! Have you ever seen cheering jewish crowds over the killed civilians in Gaza? On the contrary IDF appologizes. Civilians are not IDF’s targets. Also when the supporters of the arab soccer team from Sachnin booh-whistles during the silent minute for the killed ones during the soccer game against Beitar Jerusalem – I get mad. Aren’t they proving they’re all with this terrorist? These citizens? These israelis? These people I work with? I know not all of them are like this. But I can’t help wondering if one of them wouldn’t stab me in the back if he had the chance.

This wasn’t quickie enough. I’ll get better, I promise.