§169 I live in Israel

March 14, 2008
But apparently Facebook thought otherwise…
After reading the article I started to think it was time to end my membership there. A little sad, it’s the only place where I have contact with some old friends from waaaay back in Sweden (preschool, etc), and a bunch of friends from the army, etc, etc.
Anyway, when I checked my profile “hometown” was erased. I went to settings and typed in “Ma’a” and there it was on the drop down list along with various locations in Mexico and China starting with “maa” – it said “Ma’ale Adumim, Palestine”.
Of course I picked it. Just to make a statement. But as soon as I clicked on it, what appeard on my profile? “Ma’ale Adumim, Israel”.
Apparently, they fixed it.
Ma’ale Adumim, Judean desert, land of Israel. Right around the corner is the biblical Bethania (today an arab village named “azaria” where Ele’azar (Lasarus) was raised from the dead. I like the thought that when Jesus went to the desert to pray and be alone he walked around exactly where I live now. Yeah, he probably did.
Israel – Jerusalem (biblical time before the split, bysantic time and now)
Judea – Jerusalem (biblical time after the split and under Persian, Greek, Maccabean, and Roman rule)
Kanaan – Jebus (kanaaneic pre-israelitic time)
Palestine – Aelina Capitolina (roman time after 70AD)
Falestin – AlQuds (After arab conquest 9th century, and under Othoman rule)
Jerusalem – Jerusalem (Crusaders)
Palestine – Jerusalem (British mandate)
My homeland and its eternal capital sure have had many names throughout the history. We are now independent for the third time.


  1. Knepigt, tur att de ändrade det igen!
    Såg i Marias blogg att ni firar din födelsedag redan i morgon så vi ringer då! Jonathan kommer hem på påsklov i kväll så du kan prata med båda bröderna (om de är hemma). Presenterna kommer med oss i april!
    Puss puss

  2. Du allvarligt talat, du behöver väl inte va så extrem att du bara drar dig ut? Det är det bara du som får lida genom eftersom du har mycket kontakt med folk där och de e typ enda stället som fått oss fyra syskon att snacka lite mer allmänt. Så de e väl bättre att vänta å se vad som händer eller göra nåt åt det än att bara skita i det? Men om det nu e fixat så e det ju lugnt..

  3. Its an amazing place that you live. I hope to be able to see it some day. I would love to gaze upon its wonders. I pray for its peace someday soon.


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