§170 Happy birthday to me

March 16, 2008

Ok, so my real birthday is tomorrow. But today is Shabat and we’re all home. So we celebrated today. There are comments in Swedish on the photos as I’ve stolen them from my wife’s blog. She’s taken all the photos so she’s not in them. And I try to avoid putting out pictures of my children publicly. So it’s basically just me in most of the photos. Sorry if it seems narcisstic. My sister and her fiancé and also my wife’s parents came by. We had a great time together.

So anyway the day started with a happy birthday song and presents.

Now we have something to do together on Friday eves. We’ve already seen every single episode of “Friends” twice on dvd…

My wife made me a moose cake!

This is the cutting of the cake. Or hunting down the moose.

Beside the puzzle my wife also bought me tight boxers with Donald Duck. No, the close-up of my butt in those boxers will not be published here. My wife’s parents gave me a new tsitsit (the old one was falling apart) and those moose napkins you can see on the photo. My sister gave me the first two books in the book serie “The Dark Tower” by Stephen King. Man, am I gonna enter another world…

So now I’m 26. Man, only 4 years left to that big scary 30… that sounds so… grownup! I can’t be a grownup… I’m just a family father with three kids…

Anyway, thankyou Sara for an interesting discussion in the previous post, and a huge thankyou to sister Annalill for rounding it up so great! You’re more up to date than I am, and you get the everyday aspect much better than I. We usually disagree in these matters, but this time I totally agreed.

My wife just came by and bit me in the ear and told me she’s going to sleep. Man she has beautiful eyes! We’ve been married 5 years, I still react on those beautiful eyes. Anyway, I better go to sleep now, before those eyes close.



  1. 2 more things.
    1 – If it wasn’t obvious that thing I hold on the photo is a puzzle with 1000 pieces.
    2 – Apparently I sent this out after midnight so it’s posted on March 16th, my actual birthday, anyway. Even if we celebrated it one day earlier.

  2. Happy Birthday cutie. Looks like you had a great day! Its a shame that there will be no picture of you in those boxers. Im sure the blog world will be a sadder place for that. 26, you ancient thing you! Next birthday, I think Ill have to send you a wheel chair or a walker or something else suitable for someone of your advanced age.

    I like your comment about your wife’s eyes. I believe that eyes are the windows to the soul…. You can always see kindness and love if you look into someone’s eyes who holds those things in their hearts. Im sure your wife’s eyes are very full of those things.

  3. Mazel Tov! Grattis på födelsedagen! Må du ha många år framöver att blogga till 😉

  4. Tack! Välkommen tillbaka! =)

  5. Grattis lilla gubben! Och akta dig för kycklingarna! 🙂

  6. Tackar tackar å grattis än en gång 🙂
    Ps: Tycker A suger.

  7. Grattis!

  8. Åsnegrattis också!

  9. it’s neat the way ur about to rip into that moose! 😀 hope u didn’t scare ur little ones!

  10. Haha! Efraim (the three-year old) was actually a bit concerned. After the photo was taken I calmed him down and then pointed the knife on the moose’s nose and swirled it around, saying “he’s picking his nose”. That was definitelly humor on the three-year old level. He laughed, and I cut the cake normally.

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