§172 Happy Purim!

March 22, 2008

So I went to congregation today looking like this. With only one exceptation, me and my wife were the only grown-ups who had costumes. Boring people. Elisheva (wife) was Pippi Longstocking, but she took it off before we got a chance to take a picture. Efraim was a rabbit, as he was at the kindergarten purim party three days ago. Emunah was a dog, but she kept taking it off and didn’t want it.

Yesterday evening we started to deal with that 1000-pieces puzzle I got for my birthday. (Swedish text on the photos because I stole them from my wife’s blog).

Many pieces… but we’re having fun together, eating mishloach manot and drinking coffee.

45 minutes past midnight – but we’re done with one half of it.



  1. Så söt du var!!!

  2. var?? 😉

  3. Jättesnygg dagens outfit! 😀

  4. Partay!!!

  5. Helfräsig utstyrsel!

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