§173 I delivered my daughter 5 months ago

March 24, 2008

Today our daughter Talitha is exactly 5 months old. It just hit me that on October 24th, when she was born, I had not yet moved my blog to this place. So to all you who haven’t read it yet, here’s the blog post from October 24th:

§139 I delivered my daughter today

It’s around 05:30 in the morning. The contractions started about 2 hours ago, and they are getting more and more intense. We are preparing to go to the hospital. I’m boiling water to make a cup of coffee. Her parents are on the way from Jerusalem in a cab to look after the kids while we go to the hospital.

Emunah had woken up earlier, but has gone back to bed now. Efraim is up, and can’t go back to sleep. Things are happening, and he wonders what’s going on.

As the contractions grow more intense, we know we need to hurry up now. When Emunah was born it was only 8 hours from the first contraction until birth, so we figured we have around 6 hours.

Wife is in the bathroom.

“The water just broke” she shouts. Wow, that’s early. In the previous births the water didn’t broke until the birth itself.

Then she shouts Something – I still can’t remember what that Something was anymore. It’s a blur. Anyway, I open the door, and I see the baby’s head crowning. My first thought is “No, I can’t do this! This is supposed to happen in the hospital, not here! Put her back in!”

But I am the only one around. I, and Efraim who starts to weep. I calm him down and tell him everything’s ok. At least Elisheva doesn’t shout or scream, so Efraim calms down.

The baby comes out into my arms. She is slippery. The umbilical cord is around her throat, so I immediately pull it over her head, as I’ve seen the doctors do at the previous births. Sort of like taking of a sweater. Only it’s a matter of life or death. Then Elisheva tells me to hold the baby upside down, so the fluids go out, and make sure she breaths. As the fluids go out she coughs and makes a sound.

My beautiful daughter is born, and I delivered her. It was not on purpose, and I do not recommend it to anyone.

We called an ambulance. Her parents arrived and helped out. When the ambulance crew arrived they cut the umbilical cord and took us to the hospital.

Mother and daughter are both fine. They will be home on Friday.

This was an experience…


This story eventually made it to the first page of our very local newspaper.


  1. Wow… what an amazing experience. I think I would have been scared out of my mind! Looks like you did a great job though. 🙂 Many blessings on your beautiful family.

  2. Yey, grattis på månadsfylleri-dagen!

    Hoppas att chocken har lagt sig nu! ;D

  3. wow! that’s cool. i’m a nurse but i still do freak out when it comes to babies and birthing. wishing you and your family the best of life. 🙂

  4. WOW. That’s amazing.

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