§174 Month of April 2008

April 1, 2008

Okay, they should be here any minute now. A couple our own age from Sweden is going to stay with us for a week. They’ve rented a car and plan to tour the country with our home as starting point. Cheaper than a hotel. They knew my wife briefly back in Sweden but they are almost total strangers. They’re supposed to arrive tonight. They called 35 minutes ago and said they were at Shoresh junction which is not far from Jerusalem. My wife just went down to the parking lot to see if she can find them.

So here’s my busy schedule this coming week:
Now – Swedish couple. Here till next Tuesday I think. Will celebrate Shabat with us and come with us to congregation.

Now my wife just sent an sms. They’re lost in Ma’ale Adumim, trying to figure out where they are. And we emailed them such a perfect map of Ma’ale Adumim with arrows pointing to our house and everything…

Anyway, next week my family from Sweden will arrive for my sister’s wedding. They’ll mostly be staying at my soon-to-be-brother-in-law’s parents’ house. They’ll be here on Shabat with my 2 brothers, and stay till Sunday. Then there’s the wedding on Monday the 14th. Wednesday after that we’re having my 2 brothers come over. And the Shabat after that is Shabat hagadol. The evening of that shabat – Motsey shabat – is Passover eve. That’s a week of celebrations.

I’m figuring life will calm down in another month or so. Then we have a week to calm down before we’re celebrating our country’s 60th birthday on May 8th. Wooo *waving an Israeli flag*.

That’s the plan for the coming month. And I also have my full time job and my part time studies. So please – don’t be surprised if my next blog post is on May 15th…

Another thing – don’t get me wrong. No complaints. It’s happy busy time coming. Happy, happy, happy.

Now, where are those people…

Ok, they just called and asked for directions. I guided them right, wife ran back down to meet them. They’ll be here any second. Bye!



  1. Have a good time sweetie… I know we will all miss you!

  2. Vi ses snart!!!

  3. See you soon!

  4. Bajs

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