§179 Ma nishtana haLaila haze?

April 20, 2008

So finally I’ll publish some photos. This is from Pesach (Passover) yesterday evening. This was the first pessach that we celebrated only us together. Starting new family traditions is never an easy task. But since both me and Elisheva grew up with christmas celebrations, we can start from scratch and don’t come with our own baggage of how pesach “should be” because that’s how we grew up. Some other people need to have 2 different charosets to keep up with 2 different family traditions… =)

We started the pessach with letting Talitha have her meal, since there’s no chance she’ll ever make it through the entire haggadah. Letting her try to eat herself was no good idea though…

For you who know little or nothing about pessach, prepare for the below by reading
http://www.jewfaq.org/holidaya.htm or prepare to understand squat.

So here’s the pesach plate. Efraim made it at kindergarten.

Here we all are… Elisheva took the picture.

Here’s Elisheva with Talitha

Emunah is carefully listening to the Kadesh

Time for urchatz!

The Haggadah


Karpas was not that tasty…

Yachatz went quickly. Kids just had to close their eyes while we hid the afikoman. After weeks of practice they sang “Ma Nishtana” together really well. Now we’re finally at the end of the Magid, after long readings, singing of Dajenu, and dipping fingers for the ten plagues, and can drink from the second cup.

A quick Rachtsa and then there’s the eating! Motsi Matsa, Maror, Korech – Charoset is yummi. Maror not so much. Now it’s finally time for Shulchan Orech!

Halfway from the meal we saw that Talitha was drifting off. Better give her her present quickly before she falls asleep.

After the meal it’s time for Tsafun – they found the Afikoman! Yeay, presents!

Big kids now – They each got their very own cup.

Then there was of course Barech, Hallel and Nirtsa in the end. Happy pesach!

And now for something completely different. One week ago my parents and my two brothers came from Sweden. On Shabat, April 12th they came to Ma’ale Adumim to visit us together with my sister and her husband (then still boyfriend – it’s 2 days before the wedding).

Me, the kids, my mom and their presents: one dog each.

Wooden train

Emunah liked her new dog

Me, my three siblings and my three children. Left to right: Yossi, Taliah, Jonathan, me.

A mom and a dad added as well as two spouses on the floor.

Daughter Talitha, brother in law, Tal, and brother Yossi

Talitha with uncle Yossi

Since my birthday was only a month ago we pretended it was today, now that we were all here. My wife made a moose-warning-sign-cake (they have those in Sweden).

Of course I can cut the cake normally!

Nah, who am I kidding? Time to hunt down the Moose!

Siblings left after the cake. We took a walk to the playground with the kids and their grandparents. Here’s Efraim.

and Emunah

Me and my dad.

This is two days later – April 14th, the day of the wedding. I took the entire day off, so we took a walk in the morning to the shopping center.

And this is the day after the wedding. I’m at work, but my parents came by to meet their grandkids one more time before they went back to Sweden.

The photos of the wedding will be along sooner or later.



  1. Hey.. I edited and resized all the photos – duh! You owe me a kiss!

  2. You’re right! A kiss coming right up!

  3. Pessach = Sader here in US…

    took me a minute to figure it out…

    Your children are SO Beautiful! I mean wow…. what cuties!!!!! You are so blessed.

    When do you start your new job? Hope it is soon.

  4. Pessach is usually translated to Passover in English as far as I know… But according to what I read on
    the English speakers in Israel usually use the Hebrew term Pessach.
    I should ask my friend
    about that… she’d know.

    By Sader I’m guessing you refer to the seder meal which is what we’re having in those photos – the first pessach eve.

    Of course my children are beautiful! They’re mine! What’d you expect? 😉

    I start my new job on May 20th.

  5. Yes the Sader plate…. The lamb bone, the bitter herb… the salt of the tears…

    Passover is the term for the holiday…. the Plate and the meal is Sader… sorry should have clarified..

    As for your kids… all of them look just like their mother which accounts for their good looks.

    May 20…. Gosh… seems so far away…

  6. lol! Yes, it’s all from their mother. But they’ve got some good looks from my side of the family also. I guess I was just a carrier of those genes…

  7. Smiling children… few sights bring more joy.

  8. lol concur with A kids definitely take after their mother 😀 so cutes!!! Looks like everyone had such a wonderful time off to go read some more on this 🙂

  9. nice design on the cake, and yu have a beautiful family.


  10. What a wonderfoul world! Ni verkar haft riktikt roligt, Tobias! Härliga bilder och vilka SÖTA systerbarnabarn!!!

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