§181 Dr. Raphael Hirsch Biesenthal

April 26, 2008

This seems like an interesting guy:


I don’t know when above was written, but I quote:
“It is a matter for deep regret that these valuable Commentaries are out of print, and consequently out of circulation. ”

I happen to own two newly printed copies of the commetaries on Hebrews and Romans. Modified Hebrew to be understandable to the modern reader. Apparently, his commentaries on Luke and Acts are also available.

I just need time to read it through. That may shed some light on my big question – was he a Messianic jew ahead of his time, or was he just another ex-jewish christian missionary?



  1. You know for the longest time I have been wanting to ask you… about your faith exactly. I think that you are a Christian believer of Jewish Birth… is that correct?

    So, do you celebrate both sets of holidays? I am unclear. Do you mind giving me a quick overview?

    Here in America we have Jews for Jesus! I can’t imagine anything less appealing sounding to me (sounds too Jerry Springer). Anyhow, Id be interested to hear the balance of your faith between the two teachings.

  2. Hehe… I’ll send you an email. I’m deliberately a bit vague about that on my blog.
    Regarding holidays you can re-read my posts on christmas and new years.
    You and I first met when I criticised your post about it being ok for parents to lie to their children about santa, remember? 😉

  3. I do remember… but as you say you are vague about the details. So wasn’t sure what the actual spiritual lines were. Also, you said I remember back at Christmas that you didn’t have the pressures of celebrating it in Israel – which lead me to think you were a Jew. And then I was confused. Ill go back and reread when Im in my right mind.

    We do battle tomorrow!!!!! Sharpen your sword!

  4. Skicka gärna det mailet till mig med, om du vill! Jag är intresserad!

  5. Hi, I actually work at HaDavar 🙂 The older testimonies we have on our site are actually from a book published by Keren Ahvah (we ask for their permission to post them), and unfortunately I believe the book is no longer being published. My boss just has a really really old worn out copy.

    Glad the site is useful 🙂

  6. Hi, Chiara! I did understand that the material on your site and the biography of Biesenthal that I read in the books I have must come from the same source, because they were almost identical, only in my book it was in Hebrew.

  7. I’ve posted one or two things on Biesenthal on my site dedicated to Hebrew writings of Jewish believers in Jesus. I’m hoping to have his 3 commentaries on the web in the near future if Google Books doesn’t beat me to it.

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