§182 Mechanization, Utilization and Capital Intensity

April 27, 2008

I have a paper to hand in about mechanization, utilization and capital intensity by Tuesday. It’s about the relationship between the size of plant and capital intensity. The unit has 4 chapters:
-Capital and labor – relative prices and relative intensity
-Size of plant and capital intensity
-Government intervention and capital intensity
-Patterns of competition and capital utilization

I’ll be busy on Tuesday (and in any case my wife will be occupying the computer then as she happens to have a chat-class in her studies that evening). So basically I have this evening and tomorrow evening to finish this. And I haven’t read the 2 last chapters yet.

This means that until I’ve finished that:
-No more blogging
-No more blog commenting in other blogs.

I know we just started an interesting discussion about terrorism and its causes in Amber‘s blog, but it’ll just take too much time right now. Sorry. I’ll think about the stuff that have been said and come back with new force. Visionary gave me something to think about. I think I need to redefine terrorism… I’ll come up with something.

It’s 19:17. I have until midnight to
-Do the dishes
-Learn all about government intervention and capital intensity as well as patterns of competition and capital utilization.

In other news, Emunah started potty training yesterday! Daddy’s big girl! 🙂 *proud*

The university has invited me to a lecture by professor Aharon Meir Asher of the Bar Ilan university about the Philisteic culture according to the excavations in Tel tzofit (philisteic Gat). I can’t go, but if anyone’s interested it’s in Tel Aviv on April 29th.

Man, I wish I could go on those things.

Yalla, gotta go.

I have fishes on my credit card



  1. Hej! Jag undrar om du kan hjälpa mig med en sak som inte alls har med ditt blogginlägg att göra. Hur skriver man “Det vackraste är att bli älskad av er” och “Kärlek övervinner allt” på hebreiska? Du kan svara på mailen om du har tid och ork 🙂

  2. Funny boy….

    Im writing another post…you wont have to worry.. Ill hold it till Wed ok? Just study hard till then. Then you can beat me up. I should be better by then too. Until then Ill write about fluffy kittens and stuff 🙂

    Yay for potty training…. 2 down, 1 to go!

  3. Jag hade gärna gått på din historiska föreläsning, synd att jag såg detta först idag 🙂

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