§183 Totalitarian underwear policy

April 30, 2008

Totalitarian underwear policy is a must when you’re potty training your child.

Even if it’s your 2-year old daughter, and if she early in the morning looks at you with her begging smiling melt-daddys-heart eyes and asks to change diaper and not put on underwear.

If you give in, your wife gets mad.  That’s what happened this morning.

So the last few days I have gone to sleep around 3 AM, when I need to get up at 6. This has been mostly, mainly and entirely because of the studies. But Monday evening the last paper was finally handed in. Now I can breath (read: study the first and second derivation of two-variable functions and Industrial concentration) for a while until May 9th.

So I thought “Tuesday evening I will go to sleep early and on Wednesday I can catch up reading and commenting all the blogs I’m reading”. Well “haha” reality said, and slapped me in my face. Tuesday I finish work at 19:00. Come home, eat, and then go to our congregation’s meeting. Annual financial report, discussions and ideas about activities, future, etc. I’m home again 22:30. I do the dishes till 23:30. Then I check the mailbox before we go to sleep. What do I find? A letter from the university “thankyou for applying to a scholarship for 2009. In order for us to take care of it we need clarifications and explanations on the following points: ‘blablabla’. Please send us this by April 30th the latest”. I realise that April 30th is tomorrow. So I sat at the computer writing that letter and printing the necessary documents they needed from the internet until 01:30. Today I faxed it from work. I tried to call and make sure they got it, but no answer…

Anyway, if I only finish the dishes really quickly (I’m almost done, only took a short blog pause) I’ll have time to study a bit more and go to sleep at a reasonable hour (before midnight).

Things are half crazy at work. I’ve been teaching Inbal how to do my job ever since I announced that I’m quitting. Now she is doing most of my job, training how to do it, and I check it. Basically she’ll be replacing me, and the new girl who starts on Sunday will be replacing her. Now I’m the master of the office, teaching the little ones how to to my job. Bwahaha! Work, little ones, work.

I hope I haven’t sounded too complaining and stuff. Life is basically good. Sure, it’s a bit crazy at work, but there’s that 20th of May as a light in the end of the tunnel. And sure, I’m a bit behind in my studies, but I enjoy every minute of my studies, even if they are a bit hectic. Besides, the hecticness only forces me to focus on the really important things, which is good, since I would probably run off to all kinds of side tracks just for the heck of it if I had the time, loosing track of the real studies. I do have the tendency of doing that.

Philosphical thought of the day: Is it ok to kill one innocent human being if it can save the lives of ten other innocent human beings? If not, how many people’s life must be at stake for it to be ok to kill one human? Or “how many human lives is a human life worth?”

I’m not going to answer that one. I’ll let you discuss it between yourselves, I don’t have time to indulge in discussions now.

And to all the people who write blogs I read – last time checked my RSS said “44 unread posts”, and I guess it’s climbing higher and higher with time. Now and today is not the time to catch up. Sorry.

Advice of the day: If you ever feel the urge to exercise – lie down until it goes away
Quote of the day: “It’s horrible to be intelligent enough to realise your potential, but also intelligent enough to know you do not have the ability to fulfill it”. (Translated from swedish – written as a comment on Peter Englund’s blog, by JennyMaria)
Feeling of the day: The moment’s feeling of panic you get when you walk around talking in your cell phone when you realise the phone is not in your pocket. It goes away when you realise you’re talking in it.
Occasion of the day: This evening and the day tomorrow is yom hashoah. The day of rememberance of the holocaust. We remember to ensure that it will never happen again. We must never forget. It did really happen.

El male rachamim dayan almanot veavey yetomim al na techeshe vetitapek ledam Israel shenishpach kemaim. Hamtse menuch nechona al knafei hashchina bema’alot kdoshim utehorim bezohar harakia meirim umazhirim linishmoteihem shel ravevot alfei Israel, anashim vanashim, yeladim veyeladot, shenehergu vanishchatu venisrafu venichneku venikberu chayim beartsot asher nag’a bahen yad hatsorer haGermani ugrurav. Kulam kdoshim utehorim, ubahem geonim utsadikim arzei halevanon adirey haTora. Began Eden tehe menuchatam. Lachen ba’al harachamim yastirem beseter knafav leolamim vayitsror bitsror hachayim et nishmatam, Adonai hu nachalatam veyanuchu veShalom al mishkavam venomar Amen



  1. “a short blog pause” – Let’s have some time of mocking and finger pointing!! This post took him at least ONE HOUR to write.. dude!

    O nu ska vi ta o reta gallfebern på alla osvenskkunnande läsare.. så jag skriver lite på svenska. Puss o kram o nyp i baken! Jag ska gnaga på ditt öra tills du får skavsår.. grrr! nafs! Du är… *some text missing*

  2. I just want to let you know right now Tobias… You are dead! Your little girl already has you sussed. It will only get worse from here. She’s learned to use the eyes. She has you in her controll forever. Mark my words on your calendar. This is just the beginning. Wait till she’s a teenager!!! Then, you will be sorry!

    Those poor kids at work… how I pity them. I imagine you sitting on top of the file cabinets shouting orders for them to come fan you as you crack your whip at them forcing them to work harder and faster! Sheesh.

    You just take your stuff one day at a time…. the blogs will wait (not mine though lol).

    Remember to have some fun too…. all work and no play and all of that.

  3. Hjälp! Bara du inte får magsår eller nåt. Du måste ju sova! Har du sovit i natt? Orolig mamma…

  4. Keep up the good work. And hope you get to catch up on some sleep within the next week or so…

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