§185 A few quickies

May 5, 2008

I discovered that the post I made months ago named “Quickies” is the most read. For some reason people prefer to read my short and quickie posts. Apparently they even search the word “quickies”.

Do you think there may be another meaning to that word?


Anyway, hello world. I’m busy at the moment, let’s talk next month, ok?

-My boss`s brother died this Saturday. Office is mourning. She needs us to be 100% supportive and to take care of all the work. Happy to.
-I have 2 papers to hand in this following week. Taking every opportunity to read. When on lunch, on the bus, etc, etc.
-I’ll be preaching this shabbat
-I have to go to Tel Aviv tomorrow. I tried to postpone, but to no use. I’ll be in the office a few hours in the morning and then I have to go. I hope Inbal will survive.

Oh, yeah. The new girl who started yesterday… she came, she saw, she ran away as fast as she could.

Some people just can’t handle a little pressure.

Yan is reading over my shoulder. I punish him by mentioning his name. He is asking “who would want to read about you??”

Will you please tell him?

Anyway, I’m at the office and need to get back to work. Bye!

Word of the day: Telephone. It’s greek and means “sound from afar”
Question of the day: Who are you and why are you reading this?
Advice of the day: Don’t let anyone steal your teddybear

What kind of scary clowns came to your birthday parties??



  1. I’m happy to read your blog =) Hope you’ll have a nice time in Tel Aviv and good luck with the papers. Oh, and hope someone else will show up at your work, to replace the new girl… :p

  2. I’m telling him!!! Haha! Who I am? Don’t really know. If you find out, please, tell me 😀 I’m reading it because it’s nicer than watching TV or making the bed…hehe… Yes, I know, I’m tired.

  3. Boy… it sucks to be you! lol

    Who am I? Well isn’t that a philosophical question to ask. I don’t think I have the energy to answer that sufficiently.

    Why do I read this blog? Well… hmm… I guess its because I find you mildly entertaining, and you have cute children? Once in a while you even have something interesting to say too!


  4. this is a very amusing blog. and ill follow your advice 😀

    check out my site at http://www.rhodes.com

  5. Thankyou people for all great answers! This’ll show him! I’m interesting “once in a while”… wow, thankyou, Amber…. 😉

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