§186 Memorial day of our fallen soldiers

May 6, 2008

This evening starts the memorial day for the fallen soldiers of Israel. As an israeli one should never forget that the fact that one is able to live here is only because of these young kids risking their lives daily. This is why I cannot understand the people that are leaving the country, or that try to get out of doing their army service. People are risking their lives daily for your right to live here, and you just don’t care about it, you just leave?
(I am talking about people leaving because they don’t like the country, or because they think they can do better elsewhere. Not about people being forced out against their will because of economic reasons and not about people who leave temporarily with the intention to come back).

I think it was very well put by my first commander when i did my basic training in the army (she was a 19-year old girl). She said that we were able to have a safe childhood because of the soldiers who risked their lives daily. Now these soldiers are grown up, and have children. Now it’s time for us to risk our lives so that their children will be able to have a safe childhood.

I only had a desk job, so I never actually risked my life (unless you count some guarding duty at the entrance of a military base). But I did swear to risk my life for my country, should it be needed, as every soldier does. It’s the least we can do.

This song below is based on a true story. The singer is Yoram Gaon. Lyrics in Hebrew are displayed on the video. Transcribed Hebrew and translation to English is below.

Balada lachovesh

Ballad to the paramedic

Lyrics: Dan Almagor

Melody: Efi Netser

Hem hitkadmu leat, hakol haya ragua

They advanced slowly. Everything was calm

Mineged hanahar vegome merashresh

On the other side of the river, where the papyrus rustles

Pit’om ra’am barak, echad tsa’ak: patsua!

Suddenly a thunder and a spark, someone shouted “injure”

Ani kvar ba – ana lo hachovesh

I’m on my way – the paramedic answered

Alinu al mokesh! – tsa’ak az hapatsua

We went on a mine! – shouted the wounded

Ani kan, letsidcha – ana lo hachovesh

I am here by your side – answered the paramedic



Barad shel esh nitach, barad kaved katua,

A rain of melted fire, heavy rain of fragments,

Me’ever lanahar, lagome harochesh

On the other side of the river, where the papyrus rustles

hash’iru oti kan – bikesh az hapatsua

Leave me here – requested the wounded

Azov, shtuyot – ana az hachovesh

Don’t talk nonsense – answered the paramedic

Tatsil et atsmecha – bikesh az hapatsua

Save yourself – requested the wounded

Ani nish’ar itcha – ana lo hachovesh

I stay with you – answered the paramedic



veHem notru shneihem, vehasade patuach

And they were both left, and the field was open

veHem notru shneihem, vehem gluyim la’esh

And they were both left, and they are exposed to the fire

Anachnu avudim – milmel az hapatsua

We are doomed – mumbled the wounded

Echoz bi tov – ana lo hachovesh

Hold on to me hard – answered the paramedic

Niftsata gam ata – milmel az hapatsua

You are also injured – mumbled the wounded

Azov, ze lo nora – ana lo hachovesh

Forget it, it’s not that bad – answered the paramedic



haEsh kveda kveda! Kashe kashe lanua

Heavy, heavy fire. Hard, hard, to move

Rak lo lehitya’esh, rak lo lehitya’esh,

Just don’t give up! Just don’t give up!

Ezkor otcha tamid – nishba az hapatsua

I will always remember you – swore the wounded

Rak lo lipol – milmel az hachovesh

Just don’t fall – mumbled the paramedic

Shelcha ad yom motcha – nishba az hapatsua

I am yours till the day you die – swore the wounded

haYom hu yom moti – ana lo hachovesh

Today is the day I die – answered the paramedic



Pitom anan avak, pitom alta haruach

Suddenly a cloud of dust, suddenly a strong wind

veTsel al hakarka, vehu karev, ro’esh

And a shadow on the ground, and it came closer with a loud noise

Nitsalnu! Hem baim! – yivev az hapatsua

We are saved! They are coming! – sobbed the wounded

Ach lo shama mila min hachovesh

But didn’t hear a word from the paramedic

Achi, achi sheli! – yivev az hapatsua

My dear, dear brother! – sobbed the wounded

Me’ever lanahar hagome merashresh

On the other side of the river, where the papyrus rustles



Achi, achi sheli!

My dear, dear brother!

Achi, achi sheli!

My dear, dear brother!


My brother!


El male rachamim, shochen bamromim, hamtse menucha nechona al knafei hashchina bemaalot kdoshim tehorim vegiborim, kezohar harakia mazhirim, lenishmot hakdoshim shenilchemu bechol ma’arachot Israel, bemachteret uviTsva Haganah LeIsrael veshenaflu bemilchamtam umasru nafsham al kdushat haShem, ha’am veha’aretz, ba’avur she’anu mitpalelim le’ilui nishmoteihem. Lachen, ba’al harachamim, yastirem beseter knafav le’olamim vayitsror bitsror hachayim et nishmoteihem, Adonai hu nachalatam, beGan Eden tehe menuchatam, veyanuchu veshalom al mishkevoteyhem veta’amod lechol Israel zchutam, veya’amdu legoralam lekets hayamin, venomar Amen.



  1. I have tried to sing this in public only to break down in tears without getting through the song.

    Is it true that after Balada Hachovesh won the 1969 Israeli Song Festival First Prize, it was banned from Kol Israel for a period of time because the Israeli government did not want the morale of the soldiers to suffer by hearing this song?

  2. I have no idea actually…
    Thabks for the first blog comment I’ve gotten in ages… I havent really blogged since 2012. =)

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