§188 Myp of the day

May 12, 2008

A short update. The last week at the work has started. And my boss is abroad. It’s just me and Inbal this last week. On the 18th my boss comes back to Israel, on the 19th is my last day with her, and on the 20th I start my new job.


I have a paper in industrial economy to hand in by the 25th and a paper in math to hand in by the 30th. Focusing on the math at the moment as it’s a bit more complicated and it’s right now focusing on its main subject. Basically the subject of this paper (functions with multiple variables) is the subject that the final exam is going to focus on.

My blog reading has worsened. I have over 200 unread posts in my RSS. I won’t be able to read everything you guys have written. But I’ll catch up. Eventually.

I’ve also gone through the future courses I’ll have to take, and if I keep studying this pace, I’ll have my BA in 2011. Yeay!


I’ll just add some comics of my favourite. Pearls before swine, by Stephan Pastis



It’s about various subject. Here you go:












Word of the day: Philosophy. It means “Love of wisdom” in Greek.

Myp of the day: Myp myp! (by Pingu)

Quote of the day: “Look! Everyone is pointing at me!” (My wife, while pointing at herself with both hands from different directions)

Thought of the day: If a local company manufactures a product for the local market in a factory that it owns that is situated abroad – is it considered import?


I want to go to Greenland some day



  1. Oooh, I liked the one about happiness =)

  2. Du om du begriper dig på derivering av funktioner med flera variabler så får du gärna dela med dig lite av din stora visdom, vi har tenta i felteori om lite drygt två veckor och jag blir helt slut bara av att titta på vissa uppgifter.

  3. ROFL love these comics! Hope the job preps are going well

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