§189 The art of blog design

May 15, 2008

If anyone has a great idea of what to do about my blog please help me.

If you’ve noticed, I’ve changed it twice the last week. My demands are humble, but I can’t find any default WordPress themes that fit. The one I have now is better than the last one, but it’s not perfect.

I need it to look good – preferably green, really green. Or maybe something that looks brownish old and rusty and sophisticated? I don’t know, something that I can relate to.
I need it to be wide enough to contain those comics I published last time (that’s why this thing came up now. The one I used before wasn’t wide enough)
I need it to have a customizable header – because one of these days I will try to design a cool header with photo/s of me.

I guess I’ll keep pondering how to do this, and ask my wife to guide me.

Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree, eating all the gum drops he can see…



  1. lol nutter at least you have accepted that the wife always knows more and best 😀 … If you have the CSS edit function then its just a matter of playing with the details, you can change literally everything…

    Hope you and the fam are well

  2. The problem with having it wide enough for the comics is that the fact that it is that wide – is is one of the main things that makes the blog ugly. (I used far to many words to say that…)

    Why don’t you just make the comics as links that open in a new window? Or are the comics more important than a nice look?

    Anyway.. I’ll look through the list to se if I can find a good option for you.

  3. See? My wife does know more and best… and she definitely has some good advice there. Having a good looking blog is far more important than the comics!

  4. yes, pls find him something else, I am having this design myself, am happy with it…, but get confused when seeing it here as well, my mind gets mixed up, I lose sense of identity, don’t know whether I am me or your husband, than I start wandering whose wife you are anyway… I mean, it gets really complicated. So if you change his design thing well be just fine again.

  5. oh good, you just did it, what a relief, I am eternaly grateful, got my identity back…

  6. *hands Robert a Lolly pop* Fab new look TDYK 😀

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