§192 Darfur

May 21, 2008

Hello everyone. Life is good. I love my new job. In a few days I might be available for blog reading and blog writing again. In the meanwhile, please read this below email that I received from my sister a few days ago. Help all you can. Raise awareness. Do something. The eyes of the world are pointed at Israel and China, while the Darfuri’s are being massacred.

I don’t know how much sending emails to Bush will help. But do that too. Anything that can be done should be done.


Dear Friend,

Violence in Sudan is escalating. The Justice and Equality
Movement, a Darfuri rebel group, attacked Khartoum on Saturday
in an attempt to topple the Sudanese regime. The government has
reportedly stopped the attempt.

In retaliation to the attacks, there is already news of
widespread atrocities against Darfuri civilians.

Reports indicate that the government is detaining, torturing and
killing Darfuris in and around Khartoum, and that janjaweed
militias have commenced attacks in North Darfur. The
international community must demand an immediate end to
atrocities, speed up deployment of peacekeepers, and make clear
to all sides that there is no violent solution to this conflict.

I just sent a message to President Bush urging him to use all
diplomatic and economic tools necessary to help end attacks
against innocent Darfuri civilians. Will you join me?

The situation in Darfur is dire. Violence is affecting every
aspect of life in Darfur, including food supplies. The U.N. has
been forced to cut its food aid shipments in half because its
trucks are often hijacked before they get to the people in need.

President Bush must immediately use the full force of American
diplomacy to urge all sides to exercise restraint, protect
civilians, and to begin a just and inclusive peace process.
President Bush must also use the U.S. presidency of the U.N.
Security Council in June to ensure full deployment of the UNAMID
peacekeeping force for Darfur, and to punish those who attack

The international community is falling tragically short of our
mandate and our moral obligation in Darfur. There is hope, but
only if the most powerful actors on the world stage are serious
about ending the genocide.

Please click the link below to demand that President Bush take
swift action to successfully carry out this peacekeeping mission
and protect the people of Darfur.

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