§193 Burning the New Testament

May 22, 2008

Following the burning of New Testaments in Or Yehuda, described in this article:


There was a blogger who thought that this was great. Here’s the link to his blog:

This is what he wrote:

Christians in Israel and around the world are pissed because when Christian missionaries dumped thousands of New Testaments and other missionary pamphlets on Or Yehuda’s Ethiopian Jews, Deputy Mayor Uzi Ahron and some students gathered them up and burned them.

Well they should be pissed. Ahron and a bunch of kids thwarted their plan to convert a bunch of people from a third world Christian country who made great sacrifices to come to Israel. I’m sure the New Testament Bibles they burned represent probably 0.01 percent of the money that Christian missionary groups spend a year trying to destroy a few Jews and turn them into Christians.

What we need is an Uzi Ahron in every town in Israel.

But the Christians are still outraged. Who does Uzi Ahron think he is acting like Elijah the Prophet. But if those same Christians had a few hundred Mormon bibles or J’s Witnesses tracts or Scientology books dumped on their parishioners in order to convert them, WOULD THEY HESITATE ONE MINUTE BEFORE BURNING THEM?

It is the height of hypocrisy for the people who burned mass copies of Harry Potter and who are obsessed with the idea that Jewish Hollywood is trying to secularize them to whine when the people of Or Yehuda stood up for their religion.

The comparisons made by Christian missionary leaders in Israel, such as Messianic Spokeswhore Calev Myers are a load of crap. What happened in Or Yehuda was nothing like the burning of the Talmud in the middle ages. Do you know why? Because the Talmud was confiscated from Jews and burned.

If I went door to door dumping the Talmud on Christians in order to teach them to stop being Christians, they would have every damn right to burn it and I would be the one at fault for disrespecting the Talmud by using it as cheap giveaway ammo in a religious war.

Christians need to hold themselves accountable for treating their own New Testament Bible with such little respect and treating Jews with such contempt. It is their missionary activity that is repulsive and disgusting. It is they who have disrespected their own religion and their own teachings. It is they who have disrespected even their own New Testament which clearly says to leave people alone who don’t want to be evangelized. But what was good enough for Jesus, isn’t good enough for Christian missionaries who harass Jews and then whine when the books they dumped by the ton on them get burned.

Well I’ve got something to say about that. Go to hell. Literally.

Stop your posturing, stop sending in your phony stooges like Calev Myers or Victor Kalisher to express your phony outrage. You’re following a game plan and your endgame is the extermination of Judaism. We know it and you know it. And you know what, you won’t succeed. Because God said so.

What happened in Or Yehuda is what should be happening all over Israel where Christian missionaries under the guise of Messianic Jews are boring through every hole and hunting for Jews like their spiritual Nazi ancestors did.

The way to stop terrorism isn’t to kiss Christian ass. What has all that ass kissing and the sacrifice of souls gotten Israel except a Conservative Christian Republican administration doing its best to create a Palestinian terrorist state carved out of Israel’s living flesh?

You don’t stop terrorism through appeasement, either Muslim or Christian terrorism. You stop it by getting up and saying no more. We aren’t going to put up with it anymore. Light a fire and throw it all in there. The Nakba. Benny Morris. Yassir Arafat. Peace Now. And all the Missionary tracts being dumped on Israel.

If we want to survive as Jews then it’s time to fight for what we believe in 8 BCE style. Bring back Elijah and light that fire high. Burn baby, burn.


I wrote a comment. Since I’m not sure he will approve it, I’ll just copy what I had to say about this right here:


Comment by thatdudeyouknow on May 22, 2008 1:13 pm

I am not going to comment your personal opinions. You are entitled to have them, horrific as they may be. As it is your personal blog you are also entitled to be intolerant and to use vulgar language. But please let me correct a few mistakes you have in facts.

1 – “Destroying jews and turning them into Christians” is a very simple, but very vauge phrase. It would be clear enough if there was a simple difference between Christian and Jew. If belief was Jesus was it, then you would be correct. The question is, does it destroy the jew? Isn’t a jew always a jew no matter his beliefs? And which jew is better? The secular who smokes on Shabat and eats pork, or the messianic who keeps kosher and shabat and believes in Jesus? By using this phrase you simplify the reality too much.

2 – If Messianic Jews were to receive scientology, j’s witness or mormon literature, they would most probably throw them awat discreetly and not collect them from people, burn them publicly and make unecessary headlines. I hope you understand that these headlines have only made things worse for the anti-missionary movement in Israel. The more exposed the Messianic Jews are in the media, the greater the interest. More people will read the New Testament saying “Let’s see what all the fuss is about”. More people will turn against orthodox and haredi judaism. If you speak Hebrew, look up the original article on the Maariv website (NRG) and see the comments made in Hebrew by israelis. 90% condemn the burning.

3 – I can agree with you on some level that the book burning here is not the same as in Germany in the 30’s, since back then the books were confiscated. Still, it’s a fact that people associate to it, including common israelis condemnig the act. You can’t ignore that. Besides, it’s the same hate, and the same wish to “burn away the evil among us” that is behind both book burnings. Where they start to burn books, they will soon enough burn people.

4 – You talk about hypocrisy, referring to book burnings of Harry Potter. Guess what? No one considers Harry Potter holy. Besides, it’s really not the same people. You can’t refer to “christians” as one single entity. I might as well just say that it’s the hight of hypocrisy of orthodox jews to be against Messianic missionaries when the Chabad-Lubavitch movement give out literature and promote their beliefs just as much. I’m not saying that because I know that not every religious jew is a chabadnik.

5 – Last but not least, the outrage of Calev Myers and Victor Kalisher is not phony. The Christian support of Israel is not phony. There’s no game plan and no extermination of judaism. Of course christians believe that all will be christians in the end, just like you believe that all will believe in judaism in the end (…kol bnei basar yikeru bishmecha lehafnot eleicha kol rishei arets. Yakiru veyedu kol yoshvei tevel ki lecha tichra kol berech, tishava kol lashon … vayekablu kulam et ol malchutcha vetimlocha aleyhem mehera leolam vaed). But the reason they support Israel is not because they hope to convert (except some extreme cases). It’s simply because they believe in the tanach (they have their own complex explanation why they don’t keep the Torah, let’s not get into that – point is that they still do believe in it), and they read that “Orereicha aror umevarecheycha baruch” (Gen 27:29). They wish to be blessed and believe that by blessing Israel they will be blessed.

6 – You say that “The way to stop terrorism isn’t to kiss Christian ass. What has all that ass kissing and the sacrifice of souls gotten Israel except a Conservative Christian Republican administration doing its best to create a Palestinian terrorist state carved out of Israel’s living flesh?”. You are wrong. The pro-israeli christian community is opposing the creation of a palestinian state. Van Der Hoeven openly support Netanyahu and contributes to the building of settlements. The CFI (Christian Friends of Israel) have donated to the building of a dining room and daily food for a jewish religious school in a settlement. In what way is that missionary? Contributing to a religious school is rather encouraging judaism, don’t you think?

Finally, I encourage the phrase of “I respect your beliefs and ideas if you respect mine. Deal?” And rather than forbidding missionary work I encourage the idea of freedom of expression. You give me some missionary tractates of yours, I’ll give you some of mine. We’ll both learn something.



  1. Don’ burn books and do not trust the “new testament”!
    Easy as that.

  2. Wow. I spent a little time reading SM’s blog: there’s a lot of anger there. I know there is a lot of resentment towards Christians who are vigorous in their attempts to evangelize, and I can only assume he’s either experienced some of this or has seen it firsthand.

    I sometimes feel that there’s a lot of insensitivity displayed when Christians are trying to “save” people. If the Jehovah’s Witnesses in my area were a lot more pushy with their attempts to evangelize me, I might get a little angry myself, especially since I am not about to abandon my faith for another.

  3. hi i just like to say that i grow up in or yehuda or yehuda is a smell town and the peaple are vrey colse to ech other nd news travel in secans and thay are peaple that fighteover their contry the idea that a new tastament is unexeptable and keep in mide its a smell town with religes peaple and yes they will born book you see im not saying that its righte or wrong its about a man having to fighte for his relinges balivs for 2000 years and coming home and fighteing for their contry and loosing thair chlidren and frinds and coming home to see a new testament bible on thair door stape so you be the juge what do you think is righte?

  4. I don’t know how long you’ve been out of touch with your home town. According to your ip address you’re in Fresh Meadows, New York. I don’t really understand what you’re trying to say with your post. I be the judge what I think is right? Don’t burn other belief’s holy books, period.
    I understand that this was a small local incident that happened to make the world headlines since it’s a story that sells, and that the young yeshiva boys who comitted it were not aware of the world impact it would make. I’ve understood later that deputy mayor Uzi Aharon had less to do with it than incidentally indicated. I hope you know that the Messianic Jews of Israel, as well as the book publishing company that printed the New Testaments have full legal rights to take this to court, and they’ve decided not to.
    I know we’ve been fighting for our right to be jews for 2000 years, and we’ve fought to have our own homeland for centuries (though apparently you have decided to not care that people have given their lives so that you would be able to live there), but no one forced anyone to take these New Testaments, and no one tried to force anyone to become a Christian. Freedom of speech is a natural liberty in any democratic country, including Israel. That includes missionary work, like it or not. If you are afraid that you or your children will become christians because of missionaries, then you have an urgent problem with your own faith. Deal with that first.

  5. more New Testament burning under rabbinic supervision here http://roshpinaproject.wordpress.com/2009/12/04/rabbi-amnon-yitzhak-oversees-burning-of-a-new-testament/

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