§197 I’m back and I’m free!

July 17, 2008

I think that’s gonna be the title every time I finish the last exam of a semester (had the same title 5 months ago). Lots of stuff has been going on. I’ve been too busy, but I think (and hope) I might be back now. Need to check my RSS again… it was 200 unread last time, and that was like a month ago…

So of my 3 exams, I already got the results for the differential and integral math – 95% correct answers. Yes! The day before yesterday I did the exam in industrial economy and today macroeconomy A. I have enlisted for the fall with Basic Accounting, MacroEconomy B and Price Theory A.

This summer I’m taking a basic course in computerology, which I’m forced to take. Level of “Here’s a computer. Press the button to start it”. Maybe I can just give them the address of my blog and they’ll pass me. Or they won’t because I just mocked them. Oh, well.

I’ll have a bachelor in Economy by 2011 by my calculations. Next year I’ll be starting taking advanced courses (insert *ooooooh* sound). But before I can take that I will have to pass an exam in English, in order to prove that I know English… maybe I’ll just give them the address of my blog and they’ll pass me…?

I love my job. It’s a bit overwhelming, and a lot to learn, but I love it. It’s definitelly a place to stay in till retirement. I work Sunday through Wednesday, and on Thursdays I have accounting class, paid by the company, unrelated to the university studies.

I have started to publish some of my puppet scripts that I’ve written for shabat school on http://www.puppetresources.com and got great feedback, which is cool.

I have been thinking if I should translate to English the document I wrote in Swedish in 2005 when I studied academic Bible studies – about how to relate to the scholar theories when you also believe in it as your personal faith. Maybe that’s a summer project.

The move went great. Our new place is beautiful. We haven’t quite finished unpacking (bunch of kids running around during the day and a husband (which is me) who is at work most of the day), but we’re getting there. We have a garden with a lemon tree and a pear tree! My wife made lemon cake the other day with lemons from the garden! The kids love running around there, and today we gave them an inflatable pool. They just loved it!

So, anyway, my life is getting better and better. It’s sort of euphoric and utopic actually. Okay, so my days are pretty busy (but less now during the summer), but in all – I can just say that God has been good to us. I really really don’t deserve it. Thinking of some things I’ve done in the past, I would rather deserve to be depraved of everything and be thrown out on the street. God is merciful. Sort of awesome, really.

A message to the reader would be – if your life is good, do you believe you deserve it? (You don’t). Look to Him who gave it to you. And if your life is not good at the moment, then I can say that I reached this after years of barely making the ends meet, every day a struggle, every day a fight. We even reached the point of actually considering emigration. If I had only looked at the waves around, like Peter did, I would have sunk for sure. But as long as we keep our eyes fixed on Him, we can do the impossible, and we can see the invisible.

Wow, I wasn’t prepared for that – I guess I threw in a little preaching in there for you. Oh well. Enjoy.

During a ceremony I was at in the univerity the other day (receiving scholarships) there was a lecture by someone who was in the past the head of the southern IDF forces about Hamas and the Kassams and “how to get out of it”. He mentioned that at some point during the 90:s negotiations with the Palestinians he had mentioned to the Prime Minister that he envied the Palestinians. They have exact goals, they know exactly what they want, and they have specific demands. We israelis have no specific demands, we have no plan, and we change government every Tuesday. He also said that both sides “never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity” which must be the best summary I’ve heard regarding the Conflict. He said that the biggest most stupid mistake we made in 2005 was to leave the border between the Gaza strip and Egypt (the Philadelphi line). Someone else gave the reasons why we left it. One – too many soldiers would be killed by snipers on that thin line between two enemy areas. Two – in order to secure it we would have to widen it, which would force us to demolish houses in Rafah. Three – World opinion would say that we imprison the Palestinians. Four – We can avoid smuggling by diplomatic means and put pressure on Egypt to prevent it. The lecturer did not agree because One – IDF is here to protect Israeli civilians, and not its own soldiers. If a ten to twenty soldiers must be killed there in order to prevent a rain of rockets on Beer Sheva, Ashdod, Ashkelon and Sderot, it’s worth it (the lecturer has children in the army). Two – the families from the demolished houses could be transferred to the houses in the evacuated israeli settlements. But no, we had to destroy those homes that we built with our own hands. So what that “arabs are going to live in homes that jews built”. Don’t we live in arab houses in Haifa and Lod? Three – The world doesnt care that much about us. When they’ve finished watching the news, they keep shopping in their big malls and Champs Elysees. And they are saying that we inprison them in any case so whats the differen? We can’t let fear of world opinion cost human lives, which is happening now. Four – No diplomatic pressure has helped so far, has it? The lecturer said that two years ago people laughed at him for saying that this decision would lead to rockets over Ashkelon. He also claimed that no Palestinian negotiator, no matter how extreme they were, ever thought of the idea that Israel would NOT keep the Philadelphi line. How to get out of the problems there – get back in there and take back the Philadephi line and widen it. If we don’t, we will soon enough see rocket rains over Beer Sheva and Ashdod.

Well that was a little politics. I’ll tack about the prisoner swap and the Iranian threat another time.




  1. Im so glad to have you back! I have missed you! I haven’t had anyone to keep me and Sanityfound in line. We have been running amok without you! Oh.. I tell you the chaos!

    You have no idea how pleased I am that you both are so happy and settled. Do you know how to make lemonade? Check it out on the web. Its kosher and a great way to use up the lemons! The kids love it too! Very nice thirst quencher in the Summer!

    You know, you truly do deserve happiness. God wants his children to be happy like any parent does. Don’t you want your children to be happy and healthy? It is choices that the children make themselves that usually change that.

    Good job on the exams.

    I know you hinted at me your new address but its a long story and I dont have your addy anymore to send you a housewarming present. Please email me ok?

    Kiss the children and your beautiful wife for me.. one for you too… or maybe a slap for you. Can’t decide.

  2. Amber, if you have a good recipe for making lemonade, please send it to me.. would be nice to try. At the moment we’re waiting for a lot of green ones to become ready.. The few ready onces we had we already used for lemon cake.

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