§198 Another terror attack

July 22, 2008

I’m in my office. The last two hours I’ve heard ambulances. A lot of ambulances.

Apparently, another tractor went crazy on king david street. Another terror attack. It’s too early for any details. The news on the internet are still very vauge. A tractor went crazy, at least one person is injured, the terrorist has been shot by an armed civilian.

Judging by all the ambulances, I think there are more than only one injured person.

Well, what did you expect? We have showed them that we have no problems releasing ruthless murderers from jai and that we are fine with having a few towns daily bombed with kassams.

I hereby place a huge virtual sign on my country with “Leader wanted”.



  1. Just glad you guys are safe – if you get any interesting applicants please send some our way as well.

  2. *Sending you a big hug* This just makes me sick. People killing people – sad! Im glad that you and your family are all ok.

  3. […] all of you stuck in places of danger, extreme danger and craziness, be safe and hang in […]

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