§199 Nothing special

July 28, 2008

Just a short blog to show you that I still exist.

I am learning a lot of stuff. Who knew there were so many useful unused functions in Word and Excel? I thought that I would just yadda-yadda through this course, but this is stuff that’ll actually be helpful.

And, yes, I might partly write it because I wrote the address of my blog on the discussion forum of the course, so my teachers are bound to check it…

By the way, this construction work that is going on in Jerusalem, building a railroad for a “light train”, is coming to my work. We just received an information thing that they will start digging up the road outside our office this week. So… from tomorrow I’ll be able to see any truck terrorism from my office window.

(I needed that – joking about serious matters is the only way to live normally).

Finally more time with my wife. Every evening we sit and see 2 episodes of “Friends” with the coffee. We’ve seen all episodes twice noe I think, and started over not too long ago. We’re in season 2 now. Ross and Rachel are together.

Anyway, if I may get a little political… I am getting seriously scared of our incompetent government. May there be elections soon. Anything is better than these. This fear is apparently shared by Yaakov Kirschen, so I’m in good company. Below cartoons reflect pretty well both my concern for the situation, but also the need to laugh at the most serious things – otherwise you can’t live.





And also – this man is brilliant. Finally someone speaking out!


One comment

  1. Hey hubby.. your next post will be number 200.. you have to really think that through – make it special.. Well maybe it’s not needed since your posts are so rare that they are special each and every one of them anyway.

    Love ya! I’m gonna throw a water melon on you tonight. =)

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