§201 Religious hip hop and rap

July 29, 2008

It’s time for some cool religious music in English. All three have messages I agree with. All three represent different beliefs. I am closer to some, further away from some. I don’t fully agree with anyone. I do fully agree with the messages of all songs. Almost. Mostly important – all these talented artists sing to give glory to God, not to themselves!

The first one is Christian. It’s from 1992, and it’s Carman. Carman is awesome. Of all the three this is the one I relate most to. One reason is because I digged it when it was new and I was 10 years old. Another reason is that this belief is the one that is closest to my own belief. This is Carman with “Addicted to Jesus”

The second is the Jewish one. It’s actually a chabad lubavitch. I don’t agree with their teachings about who the Messiah is, nor about the authority of chazal, but they are really cool. They are part of my beloved people, and unlike most Christians, they do practice the holy commandments that God has given us. This is Ta Shma with “Shine”

The last one is muslim. This is the one furthest away from my faith, but this song is really good, with a great message. I believe that if all people who call themselves muslims were like this we would have world peace. I don’t agree with the thought that small good deeds may bring forgiveness for bad deeds in the past. This should not be the reason we do good deeds. The reason should rather be Love and compassion, and not selfish thriving after forgiveness. Besides that, great song.


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