§207 Stupid photos and KhoeKhoegowab

August 7, 2008

My wife is incredible. She didn’t want to post pictures of herself because she always “looks like a mix between a goat and a toaster” to use her words. Well, now she’s gotten courageous enough to prove it. She actually posted a bunch of photos where she didn’t come off well. Would you do that?
Of course she also posted a photo of me from 2 years ago where I’m with a pacifier…

Anyway, Things are going ahead. I’m learning more and more Excel functions and keep going to accounting school on Thursdays. I’m starting to understand slowly but surely what the heck I am doing at work…

And on a totally unrelated note…

Haven’t you always wanted to learn how to speak KhoeKhoegowab? How many times have you waked up at night saying “Man, I can’t sleep! If I only knew how to talk to people in KhoeKhoegowab, I’d have enough peace of mind to sleep”. Well, search no more. Youtube has free language courses in that very very cool language. Here is the first lesson. For the rest, just search “khoekhoegowab” in youtube.

Yes, I’ve had “Africa fever” the last few days, is that a crime? They’re my neighbours! And I do follow two South African blogs! *Points to my right*



  1. So good for you that you married another language freak.. =) So what do you say. Which language will be our next project – to learn together.. so that we can speak over our kid’s(and rest of family’s) head.. ?

    Love ya darling, even though you’re a little bit crazy.

  2. I say Brazilian Portugese! Not too common, but still useful in large parts of the world. Plus we have relatives that can help us!

  3. lol be careful what words you let Sanityfound teach you!

    Portuguese is a fairly easy language, though they lisp alot. I had no problems with the pronunciations. Close enough to Italian and Spanish to be workable if you have either as a base.

  4. ROFL Moi? Teach strange words? Hah and just today I was teaching Amber another word… nogal <– very integral in SA

    Agreed portuguese is easier lol what language you two going to go learning nows?

  5. Well, we’ve discussed that we need to learn a language together, so that we can keep talking over the kids’ heads even after they’ve learned English. KhoeKhowgowab would be cool, but I think it’s jjust might be a little too difficult and a little to unuseful. Portugese is a large language, so it can be pretty useful, but it’s still rare enough to speak freely on the street without being afraid that half the bus might understand you. Also it’s close to other European languages (I’ve studied French in the past, she has studied both French and Spanish).
    One day…

  6. Nice pacifier… colorful.

  7. Hi People, I did the Khoekhoegowab units and I am very happy to see that they are inspiring you 😀

    In February I go to Namibia once again and this time I will work there with the whole bunch of Namibian and German kids on those lessons. We want to have a special, very easy approach to make it possible to learn the basic of this ancient language. The Nama Damara (the folks speaking it) doesn’t have much of it. They are not so many and most of the resources and energy will be claimed by the outnumbering Oshivambo people.

    On our site http://www.solarnet.tv we got a number of languages you could decide to learn. I want to recommend you Polish, my own mother tongue. I produce a lot (still not enough thou) material to help. Polish is the most beautiful and exiting language of the Slavic family (this is a 100% biased opinion).

    Your wish to speak to each other in a language the kids and the rest of the family wouldn’t understand reminds me about my family. My Mother used to speak to her Mother German and I took it (as a kid) without even asking myself how would it come they could do such a thing. In my childish comprehension it was clear: they wouldn’t want me to understand their private talk and it was ok with me.

    I learned German first after both of them died and I don’t even know if they spoken any dialect or accent.

    That’s it. Thank you for your article. I read it with great fun.

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