§208 Team Darfur

August 7, 2008


Have you heard of U.S. Olympian Lopez Lomong?

The track and field star was separated from his family as a child in Sudan, and then spent ten years in a refugee camp before finally getting the chance to immigrate to the U.S and become a world-class runner.

This August, I’m rooting for Lopez Lomong and Team Darfur, a group of Olympians who have been passionately outspoken in the struggle to save Darfur.

I just sent a message of thanks and support to Lopez and the rest of Team Darfur as they head to Beijing. Will you join me in doing the same, by clicking the link below?


Thousands of Darfuri children, driven from their homes and fearing for their lives, deserve the same chance Lopez Lomong got – the chance to enjoy lives of success and dignity in peace. 

The Olympic Games can be a festival of good will, an opportunity for all nations to come together in a spirit of cooperation and common humanity. But tragically, China, the host of this year’s Games and an arms supplier for Sudan, isn’t living up to these values. The Team Darfur Olympians are – let them know you stand with them, by clicking below.


Thanks for joining me in cheering on Team Darfur!



  1. Ill be cheering them too!

  2. Amen. And, as Joey Ramone often said (although perhaps not directly about the Chinese) censorshit sucks. Bravo to Joey Cheeks and Lomong.

  3. Cheering, routing, the works – glad that people are standing up, standing together and trying to make a difference. Thanks for sharing this one!

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