§210 Multilingualism, Georgia and Accounting

August 11, 2008

I have continued to ponder over a few different life philosophies. I just need the time to blog about it. Another time. I will compare Disney movies, bible and sumerian philosophy. Stay tuned.

I received on a discussion group in Hebrew on facebook some criticism for my ideas in the last post. This about not consuming too much. Someone said that our exaggerated consumation is what keeps the third world factories in business. If we stop, the third world worker will be unemployed. If he has bad conditions, they need to form worker unions.

Your thoughts?

My wife blogged about the advantages of multilingualism. I added a bunch of advantages in a comment.

I am still learning excel functions. I didn’t know there were more than SUM… There are hundreds of them!

Anyway… nothing special. My work is going well, I’m slowly but surely learning to be an accountant.

Anyone has any clue what’s going on in Georgia? I’m a bit confused with all South Ossetian and Russia and everything. I hear propaganda from here and there and based on my knowledge from the Middle East I don’t trust the newspapers a bit. So is it big evil Georgia against poor little South Ossetia or is it big evil Russia against poor little Georgia? Russia points finger claiming “Georiga started it”. Why would they attack a super power like Russia? I find that hard to believe. And why is it so impossible to google this? Because those americans have a STATE named Georgia which makes it IMPOSSIBLE to search for the country. You couldn’t think of a better name for a state? Let’s keep going, name all the states after oher countries in the world. Make googling impossible.

I did find a few Georgian official websites. They’re all not working. Shot down by the Russians…?

Real men change diapers



  1. If I am reading news, I try and read Reuters – I tend to find that it isn’t Biased. Usually you get the scoop because the journalists use Reuters to write their propaganda filled Biased pieces from.

    Excel is a fun program… I did an amazing program in Excel… I designed all of the kitchens for Universal Studios florida using that as a base… long story. Lots of applications. Access is one step up from there and getting into mini-programming. You should check it out.

    Did you know I have a daughter your age who is an accountant? Actually, to my disgust, I think she’s older than you guys are. *Sigh* I wont think about that right now.

    Hubby and I talked about coming to Israel. I have never been. Of course, he’s such a snot cause he got to go on a school trip.

    I agree… real men do change Diapers. Good for you, makes me love you more. Big kiss from me!

    As for third world countries, and consumerism and work houses. I think the way forward is co-ops, and profit share schemes where the workers get incentives and bonuses based on what the company makes. I think that could be a way forward for all.

  2. I’ll check out reuters, thanks for the tip. I’ll start by reading their Middle East reporting so I can judge them… and then I’ll decide if I can trust them with Georgia reporting 😉

    A daughter older than me? But you’re younger than my mom (I think, although I’m not entirely sure about your age, because I wouldn’t ask that) and my mom was only 23 when she had me.

    If you come to Israel now we’ll be able to show you the real Israel. The daily life and stuff, you know. Not only the typical tourist spots.

    “Real Men Change Diapers” – I think that should go on a T-shirt! 🙂

    As for third world, I’m still anticipating our african friends’ responses. The guy I discussed this with seems to have very pro-capitalistic anti-social conservative ideas. In any case, as both you and they said, the first step in the right direction is to get rid of the crazy dictatorships and the wars. That’s easy to do, right…? Another step in the right direction would be to erase their depts. Nothing of this will solve anything, but it’s a start.

  3. Hmmm does anyone else find it interesting that they attacked (well we only heard it here) on the day the Olympics started?

    I am all for the erasing of debt but what will it do, what will it achieve? Perhaps I am just pessimistic but perhaps some top dogs need to sort out the corruption from the inside out and then things will go smoother. Cutting off Sudans debt (which is incredible beyond words) will not help the nation it will only put more money into the hands of that ignoramus.

    [we must talk re Ambers surprise birthday party on 25.08]

    Anyways I wish there were more men like you out there – changing diapers phew – Holeycheese you are blessed hun blessed!

    Sorry TDYK I mean you totally SUCK

  4. “someone” attacked. They’re both accusing the other one. I’m leaning towards believeing the Georgians there. I mean, why would Georgia be stupid enough to attack a super power like Russia? I wouldn’t make sense.

    The erasing of dept will give the possible foundation of starting to work on the problems. I agree though that some sort of criteria needs to be establishing. Like NOT KILLING YOUR PEOPLE, how’s that for a criteria?

    Right, the surprise party. Have you arranged her surprise flight ticket to Israel yet? We decided you pay for it, right?

  5. Re the Georgia thing that was my thinking as well – the rumours this side of the world say that they are fighting for the Russians to leave??? hells bells who knows, guess only those with big sticks and tanks do… perhaps not even.

    I just love the criteria, I think that is a major start, stop killing, stop feeding their bank accounts and feed the nation… ah just a few

    Saved the best for last huh

    Am busy organising funds for the flight, was thinking of attaching the world tour to a charity, get Oprah involved (coz we know Amber loves Oprah). What you think?

  6. Oh, but please, that “if we don’t continue our lifestyle, then the 3rd world countries will SUFFER” is SUCH crap. It is the exact same argument that was used in favor of slavery – I mean, if I don’t keep slaves, then they would be off MUCH worse, and thus I’m doing them a favor… yeah right.

    It is a naive and ignorant way of feeling better about yourself. Face it – there has to be some change, because like 2/3 of the world population are very poor. People should stop trying to make bad excuses (like above) about it, unless, of course, they really feel that the current order of things is good and just – if so – they should at least admit it.

  7. Thankyou, Dr. Kotte, I was waiting for a good response to that! =)

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