§212 Georgia vrs Russia – and Chinese girls

August 13, 2008

I knew he would do a cartoon about it. He probably just had to think of what to say about it.

The original is right here toogether with the cartoonists further thoughts. Your thoughts?


Also I am outraged at China for this

I say we find the email of Yang Peiyi and make sure she gets fan mail from all over the world, to let her know she is the real celebrity.

By the way, this could easily happen in the US too.



  1. aw, Yang Peiyi is a cutie, too! Why would they DO that?

  2. Because they are EEEEvil chineeeese of course!

  3. Yeah I was shocked about this as well re the Chinese – do you know that they also sent out national pamphlets that woman with thick ankles must wear black stockings to make them look thinner… no jokes google it.

    Its not only China and the US TDYK… it is the world, the whole world. China is just more blatant and in your face.

  4. I agree, SF. It is the whole world. You know why? Because the world is people, and most people are like that. It is people like us that make the difference.

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