§214 Vacation in Jerusalem

August 18, 2008

My wife basically wrote everything already, but I guess I’ll just say the same. On Friday we went to my wife’s parents’ apartment (they’re away in Sweden) and borrowed their apartment for a few days. I got Sunday-Monday-Tuesday off from work (Yeay! I have a normal job now!) so we were there Friday-Monday (today). It was great being somewhere else for a while. Reload the batteries, take more time with the family, and just be with one another. No TV, no computer. Just us.

On Saturday we went to the park and let the kids run around and play. On Sunday we walked to the Old City, and I helped Efraim write a note to put in the Western Wall. I pointed at the dome of the rock and explained the difficult political and religious reasons (on a four-year old’s level) why the temple is not rebuilt, and why we only have the wall left.

And, as my wofe wrote, it’s official. We are learning Spanish. It’s such a huge and useful language, and so EASY, it would be a waste not to learn it. Why easy? Well, first of all, NO CASES! (I almost killed myself over all the cases in Latin and German), only two genders (NOT three as in Latin and German) and the pronounciation is the same as the writing (NO swallowing half the letters as in French and English). Also, VERY few irregularities (In English I think the regularities ARE the irregularities…) and huge usefulness (a bunch of million speakers). The real advantage here is that my wife did study it for 2 years in high school and still has the book. It’s a great start. Me llamo Tuvia. Vivo en Israel. Tengo veinteseis años. That’s basically my level at the moment. But it’ll be better.

I’ve started to write the post about life philosophies. Work is in progress. Stay tuned. Get the expectations high and rolling. When you read it – it will exceed all your expectations. Because it will be a huge dissapointment.

Be like a duck



  1. You are so cute… 🙂 Im glad you had a much needed break.

    I finally got your housewarming gift together today and it will be shipped out tomorrow. I know its late but I have had my hands just a little bit full. I know you will love it so I will be forgiven. Things for the whole family – but must admit mostly for you and holeycheese.

    Anyhow… I should write something on my blog. Mwah!

  2. Naw, thankyou! Your’e cute too!

  3. Quack Quack how cool is that! Spanish is probably a lot easier than Portuguese but I prefer the latter though I haven’t gotten very far in learning it as yet… ah too busy learning English I tell you!

    Glad you guys had a much needed break and relaxed a bit… photos photos photos!

  4. Photos were uploaded today on my wife’s facebook account.

  5. Manos TDYK y especialmente Holeycheese un pastel al horno. Ok tuve español fuera de mi sistema ahora.

  6. *va a ver en fotos*

  7. Yo soy la mas lista de la familia.
    Min nivå.

  8. Spanska är aplätt upp till en viss nivå. Sen blir det lika krångligt som allt annat, men man klarar sig ganska långt innan det blir svårt. 🙂

  9. I went to Mexico twice and picked up a little Spanish. We met up again the last time I went – Haha! Only joking. But here is the essential Spanish I learned on my trip. It saved my life many, mnay times. “dos cervezas Sol por favor”. Like I said, essential Spanish!

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