§219 Translations to the original

September 8, 2008

I don’t have time to read or to write blogs nowadays. But just a little thing that doesn’t take too much time… here are some stuff I dug up on youtube. Well known songs, translated to their real original languages!

We will start with Aladdin in Arabic!

And then we have Hercules in Greek

Then two French songs. Aristocats and Beauty and the Beast:

Then two songs in German. Well, it’s more general European folklore, but the stories are most known for being written down by the Grimm brothers, so we’ll say it’s German. Snow White and Cinderella.

And of course, the Lion King in Zulu – this is the only version of the song where the entire song, including the chant in the beginning, is in the same language!

From far south, we’re going far north – here’s the Little Mermaid in Danish!

And off to the Jungle – here’s the Jungle book in Hindi!

And, as the last one, I’ve saved the best (and the only non-Disney) – here’s Prince of Egypt in Hebrew! The voice of Yocheved (Moses’ mother) is Ofra Haza (may she rest in peace) – the same as the voice in the original English.



  1. Wow going to have to come back tonight and watch each one a couple of times!

  2. Great idea – I’ll have to come when I can grab a quick break…thanks for sharing..:)

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