§221 Add your voice

September 15, 2008


A few months ago, John McCain and Barack Obama pledged to bring peace to Darfur with “unstinting resolve.”

With that promise, we have a tremendous opportunity to take a giant step on the road to peace in Darfur. But we need to make sure the presidential candidates keep their promise and make Darfur a priority from Day One of the next administration.

That’s why I just joined one million other voices for Darfur and sent a postcard to the next President of the United States, demanding that he act.

Will you add your voice to mine?

Thanks so much for standing with me and helping bring peace to Darfur.



  1. I would so love to see peace not only in Darfur but the rest of the world. I wish we could see that we are all one people and realize our futures count on one another.

    Big hugs to you. This is great!

  2. Darfur is close to me personally. There are thousands of refugees from Darfur here in Israel. But you’re right, there are lots of places where there is war and conflicts.



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