§224 Darfur again

September 18, 2008


What strikes me with this is not the headline – that a Darfur issue has reached US congress. And it’s not the weapon embargo on Sudan either. Neither is it the fact that Russia and China keeps exporting conventional weapons despite the embargo. What strikes me most is the fact that a Darfur blog needs to explain why a “marginal” story likes this reaches their headlines:

It started firing. People began screaming. The shooting continued until the houses were burning. The woman was burned on her legs. Her body had a bullet hole that went from her chest to her back.”

How come the world does nothing as this goes on?? Can you imagine the media outrage if this had been israelis shooting on palestinians??



  1. Yes, you are right. I guess Darfur is one of the saddest stories of modern times. My friend Tomo Kriznar has been fighting to get this tragedy into the public, published a book, made two documentaries…, many other people are doing the same, yet it seems like nobody really cares. It is too far, to0 distant in our perception and so easy to deny and to forget about. I believe the superpowers already have an agreement about it and this is merely an execution of it that is taking place. A sad world indeed.

  2. They’ll just turn their backs and say “nothing to see here folks”. Just Africa. Nothing to worry about. Brother, I don’t know how we carry the burden every day. Darfur and everywhere. Sometimes it gets to much. Not only because we can’t stand it and we remember the dead. But because we know of it and see it. And because those in power just keeps on looking away. Spinning their stories and telling us to just drink the Kool-Aid. Like you said in your previous post. Just tell us the truth. Just tell us you are not going to really do anything. Then at least we know the rules of the game.

  3. “How come the world does nothing as this goes on?? ” Simply put they do not have oil or any big important monuments

  4. Yeah. you’re right, people. AA – I have to ask you once and for all, what is Kool-Aid? Some sort of metaphor for make-believe reality?
    Sanity, if that was true, Israel wouldn’t be in the focus of all media attention, would we…?

  5. Sorry instead of “they do not have oil or any big important monuments” I should of said religion instead of monuments or rather perhaps two of the “biggest” religions going at it over the same land? Africa doesn’t count, it never has. If Darfur was about two or more religions going at it or oil then yeah, we’d know more about it and more would be done. Hows that?

  6. PS I am not an authority on Israel or its conflict I just used a broad term

  7. Kool-Aid is a drink – powder you mix into water. Not really that great. If someone keeps on repeating something that is bad or incorrect but it is in support of something they support or believe in, then they are said to be drinking the Kool-Aid of that specific “flavour”. They are in their own world of beliefs. The difference between them and pure liers is that they actually believe in what they are saying even if all the evidence is there to prove them wrong. They are drinking the Kool-Aid that makes them stupid.

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