§225 Terror attack next to my office

September 22, 2008

Ok, I’m giving up a little of my anonymity here, but according to the latest news, 20 minutes ago the first report came in about another terror attack in Jerusalem. Magen David Adom (Red Star of David) reports 15 hurt, 2 of them severe. The news so far only says it is “another running over pedestrians attack” – probably another bulldozer. The terrorist has been shot. (News article published 14 minutes ago, so it took them 6 minutes to write it since the first report)

The difference between this and the two earlier are:
1 – This one is right next to my office
2 – It happened in the evening when I was home, and not when I was at my office.

Too many thoughts are running through my head at the moment, I may organize them better in the future. There’s no “what could’ve happened” thoughts, since my office is some 100 meters away, has bullet proof windows, and it was a bulldozer, not a bomb. Besides, when I do have errands it’s usually to the opposite direction.

Anyway, I need to publish this post now. It’s already 9 minutes since I wrote those things above, making my “20 minutes” statements obsolete.

===14 minutes later===

Apparently, this time it was a black BMW, and not a bulldozer.



  1. jisses i min lilla låda.

    Dockteater minns jag inte. fast jag minns att du gjorde en 3d-moviemaker film med den girige. fast du hann väl göra sisådär tre scener innan du tröttnade. Men jag minns det ändå!

  2. Stay safe is all I can say and *hugs* to you and yours

  3. this is so sad, when are they going to stop, how can they cry they fight for mohammed, everyone in heaven weeps……………

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