§226 Thoughts on terror attacks, and my studies for this semester

September 23, 2008

Ok, things have calmed down. The terror attack didn’t even make world headlines. No one killed, that’s not interesting. Today there was a bomb in Pakistan and a school killing in Finland. Anyone who wants to indulge in suffering and violent deaths can go there. Nothing to see in Israel, folks.
(Granted, there are suffering and violent deaths in Darfur too, but the media doesn’t really care about that)

My first thoughts when I heard about Finland was “again?”. My second thought was “Ironic – Terror attack in Israel and Finland at the same time. 11 killed in Finland, no one killed in Israel. Isn’t Finland supposed to be a safer part of the world?”. My third thought was “I wonder if this Finnish killer also had youtube videos predicting what he was about to do?” Turns out he had. He was even interrogated by the police for those videos, but eventually released and could keep his weapon license. Big mistake.

Here in Israel politicians and experts are scratching their heads about the terrorism. The terrorism we were used to – suicide bombers from the West Bank – are no more, thanks to the excellent work of our troops. My taxes save lives. However, terrorism from inhabitants of East Jerusalem is much harder to deal with. No one wants to cut off East Jerusalem. We want our eternal city undivided. No one wants to kick out the arabs. They’ve lived here for many years, and most of the are not terrorists. No, we don’t want collective punishments. The first thing Barak did was to take on the justice system. The process from the terror attack until we can destroy the home of the terrorist’s family must be shortened. Others must see the result immediately in order to discourage them to follow in his footsteps. I think he’s on the right track, as long as it’s done in a human matter. Notice ahead to his family, enough time (a few days) for them to move out their stuff, and that’s it. I’m afraid though, that that’s not how they do it. Too many of the soldiers are young 18-year olds who still have childish racistic views. There really should be a mandatory human rights school for all IDF soldiers to do before they start service.
Why is it ok to destroy their homes? Because for many terrorists the trigger for doing the terror act is for the money they’re getting from Iran. They’re frustrated with the poverty and want to help their family. If the know that it will ruin their family’s home, they will think twice.

So, anyway, I finished the test on that Excel course. Went pretty well, still awaiting the grade.

I’ve already received the books for my three courses this semester. My first papers are due November 7th. Here they are:

1. Price Theory A
Unit 1-2 Theory of the Consumer
Unit 3-4 Theory of the Consumer
Unit 5 Theory of the Consumer – Applications

2. Macroeconomy B
Unit 6-7 Inflation
Unit 8 The open market – basics of the theory
Unit 9 Currency transactions in the open market
Unit 10-11 Asset transactions in the open market
Unit 12 Economic growth

3. Principles of Financial Accounting and Reporting: Theoretical and Practical Aspects for Management
Unit 1 The theoretical foundations of financial accounting and reporting
Unit 2 Income measurements and reporting in the financial statements
Unit 3 The balance sheet: Statement of financial position
Unit 4 The accounting process for preparing the financial statements
Unit 5 Current assets: Cash, receivables and short term investments in securities
Unit 6 Current assets: Inventory
Unit 7 Plant and intangible assets
Unit 8 Liabilities
Unit 9 Stockholders’ equity
Unit 10 The statement of cash flows
Unit 11 Financial statements adjustment for changing prices
Unit 12 I Long term investments in equity services
            II Introduction to analysis of financial statements

This is going to be fun!


One comment

  1. It’s complex. And I won’t even try to make sense of it. Violence. When will it stop. Israel have lived with it longer than anyone else. Is there hope?

    But for the studies. Not going to agree with you. It doesn’t look like fun!

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