§227 She just keeps insisting on trusting and loving me – why??

September 24, 2008

It’s 22:33. I have a mountain of dishes to do, and homework for accounting school tomorrow. One and a half hour ago I had the same amount of things to be done, but more time to do it on.

I’ve wasted an hour and a half on nothing. I seriously have no idea what exactly I did. I didn’t even read all of my subscribed blogs, only a few. And I wrote a necessary letter to our insurance agent. But the things and the time just adds up until what was more prioritized to do ends up for the last moments.

What does my wife do? Tells me? Nags me? Tells me to get my butt off the chair?

No. She does nothing. It’s like she’s treating me like an grown up. Like an equal. It’s like she trusts me or something.

(For the record she can’t do the dishes due to medical reasons).

Will she suffer from my irresponsibility? Yes she will. I’ll be up doing the dishes, finishing my homework until 1 o’clock and she’ll be in bed trying to fall asleep but can’t until I’m there. She’ll get up at 6 o’clock when the kids wake up just like me.

Still – nothing. No nagging. No “get the dishes done already”. Nothing.

She is punishing me by treating me like I don’t deserve to be treated.

I love her.

And why is she always right??



  1. Women are ALWAYS right there is no “how come” it is just purely fact! Lol

    Sorted out a culinary tour to Israel today and thought of the two of you, man is that country stunning! Phew!

  2. Because women have the ability to love you in spite of yourself. To love the man you are for every goodness about you, and overlook your “flaws”. Yes, they annoy her, but she makes up for them in her mind by all of your strengths. Its part of the biology of women to bind them to their mate that men don’t have in as much quantity.

    Your wife is beautiful, warm, bright, and funny. You should thank god each and every single day for her putting up with you.

    Saying that though…. I can’t help it… you are kinda like a rotten little brother and I love ya too.

  3. @Sanity – yes our country is stunning! Come and visit! You’ve got a free place to stay with us!

    @Amber – Well put. Not one single day goes by without me thanking God for her, and telling her that I love her.

    Gotta say though – above blog post came back and bit me in the ass. The next day she came to me and said “you complained yesterday that I don’t tell you to get off your butt – so get off your butt now!” =)

  4. Do not listen to these women above. The only reason is in the fact that your wife is smart enough to realize how great YOU are and she honours her universal luck to be chosen by you. So, my man, you absolutely deserve it and do not restrain yourself from enjoying it. 😉

  5. […] things we always question at the best of times to the point that at times we can be shocked when She just keeps insisting on trusting and loving me – why??  Aye these questions do keep us busy, no? All I can say is something’s should just not […]

  6. Well, I nod with San, Amber and Robert since they have their own points. It’s simply saying you’re both lucky you’ve each other 🙂

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