§228 First man on Mars ¤ I’m an accountant ¤ My schedule

September 26, 2008

1. First man on Mars
A few days ago I showed my four year old son a picture taken by NASA. It’s a picture of the earth and the moon, taken from Mars. I explained to him that they sent “a camera” there, but no humans have been there for real. He said he wants to go there. I told him he’d better join the air force and go the pilot school if that’s what he wants. My son. First man on Mars. Wouldn’t that be awesome? One great thing about kids is that they still have their entire future ahead of them. They could be the first man on Mars, or a legendary president, or a sock designer, or an expert on Arameic vowel reduction. You never know.

2. I’m an accountant
I’m learning more about accounting every day. Both from work experience and from the course I take on Thursdays. Lately I’ve also started study accounting from a management point of view in my academic studies. I love the fact that
1. I actually understand it, and it’s interesting.
2. My profession has a name. I’m an accountant. It’s Something.
3. It’s known as a “boring” job, but I find it exciting. I can talk passionately about stock value adjustments and depreciation calculations and everyone else think I’m a boring idiot. I love when people think I’m a boring idiot (think: Ross Geller).
4. I already know much more than “regular people”, including my manager.
5. I finally actually know what I want to do with my life, and there’s a set career road ahead of me!

3. My schedule
This is for regular working days Sundays through Wednesday. On Thursday I have accounting school, so it works a little different then. Friday I’m usually off.
0600 – wake up, make breakfast for kids
0615 – make their kindergarten breakfast and water bottles while they eat. Pick up Talitha, change diaper and give her a bottle.
0630 – Eat a fast breakfast and make a cup of coffe
0645 – dress kids, and take a few sips of coffee now and then
0700 – wake wife and ask her to fix Emunah’s hair
0715 – leave house to kindergarten with kids (ideal – it’s usually around 0730)
0730 – say goodbye to kids
0750 – jump on the bus to Jerusalem
0845 – reach work
0900 – work
1200 – lunch
1230 – continue work
1730/1800 – leave work, jump on bus home
1845 – reach home. Girls asleep, Efraim awake. Read story with, put on pyjama, brush teeth, put to bed.
1930 – Eat dinner and drink coffee. Either with wife while watching 2 episodes of Friends or each one to his own with the studies (depends on study density period).
2010 – Do dishes
2110 – Finish dishes and take out garbage
2115 – Shower and put on pyjama
2130 – Start to study, with a cup of coffe
0000 – Brush teeth, go to bed

Hm… This means I should have 2 and a half hours of study every work day… I must be planning bad or doing thing inefficiently, because I’m never able to actually reach that. Must get better. Those three courses are not a picnic. Also, I usually never actually fall asleep until 0100 – 0130. Maybe I would feel better if I got more sleep…? Come to think of it, I have difficulty remembering when was the last time I’m not tired. But it could be worse. My wife can’t remember when was the last time she wasn’t exhausted!



  1. Jag saknar era baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarn!!!! 😦 😦 😦

  2. Two things hit me when reading this…
    1. Out schedules look pretty much the same! Where is life?
    2. You know the joke about why didn’t the accountant become an actuary? It was too edgy…

    Have a great weekend.

  3. The schedule is really great. First good step. Sleep, is something you absolutely need. You need to make time for that. I think that you guys need to work out with another couple to take each other’s children for a night… so that the other couple can rest, have sex, whatever. That will really be helpful.

    Once a week… would be great. Give you both a needed recharge where you could sleep.

  4. It’s not just the fact that our kids have their whole lives ahead of them, but they really know how to dream (Mars? Why not Jupiter? Why not the next galaxy?). If I still had my youthful capability to dream, I think it would make up for the fact that I have a lot less time left.

    Oh yes, the sleep thing… maybe cut out that last cup of coffee…?

    Blessings to you and your family,

  5. Wow, I wish my schedule was this full. 🙂

  6. @Annalill – kom hit då! Eller fixa egna 😉

    @AngryAfrican – I wish I could actually stick to this schedule! Usually it’s like in the previous post… by the way, I’m stealing your @-sign template, hope you don’t mind. 😉

    @Amber – Sorry to say, I don’t think there’s a couple we’re close enough that live close enough and with the same age of kids that this would work with. Besides, we don’t have enough beds. I am planning to stick to this schedule. Starting… uhm… tomorrow. Note that there’s no time set aside for blogging there.

    @Robert – the thing is, I usually don’t even get that cup of coffe, nor those hours of study. I finish my dishes and go to sleep. The extra hours are lost to nothing, as in the prvious post. So the can’t fall asleep till 0100 is rather because I’m up doing dishes till then, not because of the coffee. When I’ll actually be able to stick to it, I’ll need the coffee to keep me awake when studying.

    @Sebastian – Really…? 😉

  7. Noooooo, I want to be the first man on Mars!!!!! Do not dare making any plans without including me.

    In regards to your schedule: I am with Amber here. First priority is your rest and your sanity. Than it is you and your wife – you guys need to talk, relax, have sex, have peace for you two only… And than you can give to kids and to the world. At least this is what I have learned out of my experience of pushing myself to the edge all the time…

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