§230 Shana Tova! Happy New Year!

September 29, 2008

The holiday season is upon us. And it starts with Rosh haShana. The New Year.

May year 5769 be a happy and sweet year.

Below are a few goals for this year. Not in any particular order.

My goals for myself this year:
1 – Become a professional accountant on paper
2 – Stop being 26 and turn 27 instead
3 – Be better att sticking to schedules
4 – Love my wife more and more for every day that pass by (it has worked that way so far)
5 – Go to Sweden in the summer with the family (want to want to! I just need a bunch of money!)
6 – Sleep
7 – Eat
8 – Be closer to God

My goals for the world this year:
1 – Progress in fighting ignorance, racism and stupidity
2 – End of, or at least world awareness, of Darfur genocide
3 – Better and more responsible leaders than we have now in Israel and USA
4 – End of fake peace process with terrorists, and start of a real peace process
5 – For the Jews – increasing awareness of the identity of our Messiah
6 – For the Christians – increasing awareness of Israel’s importance in God’s plan
7 – More Ubuntu
8 – More good things. Less bad things.

Shana Tova! Happy New Year!

A few Bible verses for the holiday
Genesis 21:1-34
Numbers 29:1-6
1st Samuel 1:1-2:10
1st Thessalonikians 4:13-18
1 Corinthians 15:51-54
Jeremiah 31:1-19
John 10:1-18



  1. Shana Tova! I left full message on your gorgeous woman’s blog but hope the year ahead is filled with nothing but blessings and happy memories!!!

  2. Shana Tova! I love this post. It is my favorite of yours. Thank you.

    I can’t agree with your thoughts more… especially Ubuntu.

    Only thing you forgot…. agree with Amber more!


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