§233 Philosophy for 4-year olds

September 30, 2008

How do you explain complicated life issues in simple terms for a 4-year old? You don’t. And if the 4-year old is smart enough to ask, he’s smart enough to understand the answer.

I sat today and read books with my son Efraim. When we were done he brushed his teeth and got ready to go to bed. Our conversation happened to be babies, and the fact that he wants a baby brother. I told him which names we are considering if it’s a boy and if it’s a girl. “I want a boy!” he said. “God decides that” I replied. I thought that was it.

But just when I said good night, and he was laying in his bed, and I was just about to close the dorr and join my wife for dinner in front of a couple of Friends episodes he said
“What more does God decide?”
“Uhm… God decides everything”
“Everything? Also that we sat and read books?”
“Well… God decides that we can decide things on our own. Strange, huh?”
“Yeah… Good night”
“Good night”

My son is a genius. I’m glad I came up with an answer simple enough to understand, but still something that won’t make him think in terms of destiny. Because we all design our own destiny.



  1. sweet..

  2. Nice one. A lesson for him and for us. And hopefully we will learn that our choices should be as wise us possible. We have good “guidelines” to follow…

  3. Så gulligt! Jag har det smartaste barnbarnet i världen! Jag hörde vad han sagt om Annalills saga också. Och att du fick dåligt samvete för att du spärrat in dina mjukdjur i förrådet 🙂
    Skicka gärna den berättelsen till oss också så får jag spara den.

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