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§258 I like everyone in the world – except the people I don’t know

October 31, 2008

Headline of today is a quote from my four-year old.

Let’s see my RSS. 193 unread posts. 49 of them are Amber’s.

Sorry folks. Can’t get myself to skim through blogs today. I’ll just write something. I don’t really know what yet.

I survived the first normal week since the holidays. I’ve done some progress at the accounting at work (on the expense of the day to day work – gotta take care of all the unpaid bills when I get back on Sunday).

Yesterday, Thursday, was first day back in the accounting class after almost a month off. I only have those classes once a week. That was actually really fun. To be back in a class again. It does give my self confidence a boost when I see how much better I am than everyone else. I ask the questions that makes the teacher answer “you’ll learn about that later”. And I always have time to kill when people ask him to repeat things I’ve already understood, or when I’m done with the excercises much earlier than everyone else. It’s just like back in high school… I’m the best. I’m the smartest. And I’m the most modest.

When I have time to kill like that, I usually take out the litterature from my academic accounting course and read a little in that while I’m waiting…

Right, the university studies from home. The Open University. Mwaha. In all three courses I take, there are classes in jerusalem that have lessons once a week – a service that cost 300 shekels extra and I say no thank you. So I’m enlisted in classes in Tel Aviv that have lessons once every two or three weeks. I say, sure, but I’m not coming to any classes. I’ll study from the books and send things on the internet. There are teachers with phone numbers and telephone times that I can call if I have questions.

In Macroeconomy I have one paper till the 7th and one till the 14th about inflation. I’ve focused on that subject lately, and have actually finished everything there is to read about inflation. The conflicts between the classic and the Keynesian views, the Philips curve and the inflation of the 70’s, etc, etc. Next thing should be to get started working on that paper. Saturday evening will be dedicated to that.

In the price theory the books are awful. However, there are lessons once a week in videoconference. One teacher teaches in Ra’anana, and the lessons are broadcasted to classes in Jerusalem, Haifa, Tel Aviv, etc. He has an white electronic touch-board blackboard that is displayed directly to the students. He can also see the students in the other classrooms – it’s a videoconference.
I don’t get to any of these actual classes, but they are recorded and uploaded to the website, so I can sit at home in my underwear eating spaghetti and see the classes from home the day after. And if I have questions, the teacher with that class has phone time only a few days later. The only thing I’m worried about is that I’m not an official student of his – so if he is late with material and grants his students delays in handing in papers, that might not affect me. I sent an email to the main teacher of the course asking if there’s anything to do about it.

In the academic acounting course – it’s totally different than my regular accounting course. It’s an entirely different level. It’s three really heavy books, and they have told us that lots of it is unupdated and I must download more material from the website. They said they warmly recommend that EVERYONE go to the classes. Well, helloo…. I can’t spend 6 hours on a bus (3 hours there, 3 hours back) to get to Tel Aviv for a one hour class. But there are those classes once a week in Jerusalem that I didn’t pay for… and one of the teachers there even lives in Ma’ale Adumim. Maybe I should check with him if it’s ok if I visit his class once in a while…

BUT today is Friday and tomorrow Shabbat. Until tomorrow evening – no work, no studies. And no worries about them. Rest! Rest rest rest! Thankyou God! Shabbat is the best invention ever! EVER!

And we have a great friend visiting us today and tomorrow. Our adopted little sister.
It’s Shabat. It’s being with family. It’s the best.

Shabat Shalom.


§257 My sermon

October 26, 2008

I preached yesterday about the topic I decided 15 days ago:

I was the first preacher in our little congregation to use a powerpoint presentation for the sermon (I’m the young hip preacher, they’d expect that). Whenever I have time I’ll write a summary of the sermon and upload the presentation (it’s in Hebrew of course).

Or maybe I’lll start another blog… “the sermon blog” or something… We’ll see. I still do have my drafts for all the previous sermons I’ve had. Let’s see… this was my… fourth!



§256 Just a few short notes

October 22, 2008

1. Yesterday, 3 days before her first birthday, my daughter started walking. Yes, the daughter that I delivered.

2. If I was american I’d read more about the elections and decide who to vote for. This is definitelly something that would push me more in the direction to vote Obama. And become atheist. Is there a chance I can believe in my God and his Word without being associated with these people? Pretty please?

3. Apparently I’m Souf Efrikan

4. Yesterday was international blogosphere hug day. Did you miss it?

5. The American Economy crisis is not that bad, just see it in perspective.


§255 Jewish Catholic joke

October 20, 2008

Moyshe and Rivka are having difficulties being jews in a medieval Europe. Moyshe has been out of work for quite some time now. It’s now Friday. Shabbat is approaching and they have nothing to eat. Moyshe says “Rivka, let’s go to the priest and let him convert us. If we do so he will surely give us a little money for food”. So the go to the priest. The priest asks Moyshe “What’s your name?” “Moyshe” he replies. The priest sprinkels holy water on him, makes the sign of the cross and says “You are now baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. You are no longer Moyshe, you are Peter”.
After that Moyshe’s wife goes to him. The priest asks Rivka “What’s your name?” “Rivka” she replies. The priest sprinkels holy water on her, makes the sign of the cross and says “You are now baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. You are no longer Rivka, you are Maria”.
He gives them some charity and they go home to cook shabbat dinner. Their neighbors have all hear that they are now converted and are therefore quite surprised when they smell meat from their apartment. “Are Peter and Maria cooking meat? On a Friday? That can’t be, they’re catholics now!” They run to the priest and tell him. “Are you sure?” he says. “Sure we are!” they reply. “Well, that can’t be. Why I just converted them to catholisism, and I did explain to them that we do not eat meat on Fridays. I will go and talk to them”.
He arrives, and sure enough smells meat cooking. He knocks on their door. Peter opens. “Peter!” he says. “Are you cooking meat on a Friday? How come I smell meat here?” Peter says “It’s not meat, it’s fish!”. The priest demands to see the pot. Peter shows him. The priest sees two large chunks of steak. “This is not fish, Peter!” exclaims the priest. This is meat!”
“Sure it’s fish!” Peter replies, “I sprinkled holy water on it, made the sign of the cross and said “You are now baptized in the name of the Father Son and the Holy Ghost. You are no longer meat, you are fish!”


§254 Reducing my blog activity

October 19, 2008

Ok, so it’s not good bye forever. But soon the holidays will come to an end and the studies get started for real. My blog activity will be significantly reduced. I will schedule 30 minutes per day for my blogging. Maybe one day writing blog and next day reading blogs and another day answering comments… we’ll see. But you can expect much less blog posts from me, much less commenting, and also, I will have to reduce my RSS list, to make it bearable whenever I once in a while can actually get to it. So let’s just go through my RSS list one by one to make my decision.

(title unknown)
Sorry Glazie, this one will dissapear from my RSS. I liked your blog, you’re deep and you’re a very skilled writer. I really tried to follow you for a while, but you’re too… deep for me. And your posts are too long. And I never really felt I got to know you… Sorry
Christian Zionist. Name jumps out at ya, doesn’t it? Well, this one must stay. It’s a Swedish relative.
*! [emphatic asterisk]
I’m so sorry… but you’re gone. I did love your blog, but I never had the time to indulge in all the controversial subjects you took up. Keep up the good work, though! There are many Christians who really need to hear what you have to say.
A Brit in California
You stay. Just because.
A-Broader View
You tooAmberMoon
I love your blog, but you blog too often for me to have time. If I check my RSS every… 3 days you’ll be 50% of all the posts I have to read. I’ll read the headlines, and read more if I like the headline. I promise at least one comment per time I check RSS. Deal?
Angry African on the loose
We have too much in common to loose contact. Only you are a little less Souf Efrikan. (Is that a table? Yummy!)
Black Vanilla / White chocolate
I just started to read this blog. I’ll keep you under surveillance for a while before I decide.
Clark Bunch’s Weblog
I’ll keep it under my RSS just because. But it seems like Bunch has slowly phased this one out, and writes only on “The Master’s Table” nowadays.
contemplating life’s intricate disasters
I just started reading this so I’ll keep it for now. It intrigues me how someone who knows judaism, the name Yeshua and mentions the feasts of the Lord, still is a catholic/anglican. Very interesting. Must keep an eye on him.
Dilbert Daily Strip
Well, DUH! How can one live without a Dilbert a day? Blog
This is a must. He has all kinds of crazy creative ideas that just may work. And he’s an economist. I really learned a lot about realistic economy from this blog (my studies are still only concentrating on theory). Clever, insightful, creative and funny. How many people like that are there?
It’s less pressure to comment because Scott Adams receive 5000 comments in any case. I just read it and comment only if I have something very specific I want to say. No way will I ever read all the comments…
Empowering Roots…
I read your blog for a while, but somehow never got around to comment. You write interesting and insightful, but often one feels that any comment on that post would be too long. It’s always “I have too much to say on that subject, I’ll leave it, because I don’t have time to get into a discussion now” or it is “what…? nah, too deep for me”. Don’t worry, you’re a keeper and you’re not going anywhere (Did I scare you for a while?) But please understand my comment absence, ok?
Familjen Grubblare
Well, duh. This is my wife’s secret password protected blog in Swedish for family and friends only, with zero anonymity and photos all over the place (or links to them)
God’s Promises Are Real
I recently started to read this blog… and it hasn’t been updated since. I’ll keep an eye on it. In any case, it seems to have good sermon material in it’s archive
YESYESYES! This is an IRL friend from Sweden
Holeycheese’s Weblog
Big DUH again. This is my WIFE
Yes, you stay. Happy boss day.
In Search of Meaning
Jemimas dagbok
Swedish relative. Must be up to date.
jerusalem wanderings
IRL friend and neighbor. In fact she’s just on her way over for coffee. I recommend ANYONE who reads this to see her latest blog post about the wedding. Can jewish settlers and palestinian villagers be good neighbors and go to each other weddings? Big fat YES! Hang on, someone’s at the door…
*2 hours later*
Yep, that was her. We had a good talk over coffe. Me, her and my wife. Now let’s continue.
Jerusalem Watchman
I’ll keep reading. Too often long long posts about things that are “well, duh” for me. But then again, I’m not the primary audience. Very important blog. Keep up the good work.
Kristers blogg — gluefox
Big fat YES again. IRL friend from Sweden. Controversial christian physician and society critic from Sweden. Most of his stuff is on the huge website, but to follow his blog is also a must.
Life and thoughts of a superior being
Well, this is ME! I’d me mad at me if I stopped reading.
life in mordor :: mike frizzel’s blog
Yes, definitelly yes.
Livserfarna esteters encyklopedia typ
Yes, this little Swedish Jewish weirdo must stay. Why? Because it’s my brother.
lizrael update
Yeah, I’ll keep a look on you. Good luck surviving in Tsur Hadassah. Jump by for a cup of coffee next time you pass by Ma’ale Adumim. Come to think of it, I think this is the only blogger I read that actually lives nearby that is NOT an IRL friend.
Madeleine’s Medley Weblog
Family is family is family.
Well, Robert, you tell me. Is it only “In search of meaning” nowadays? I honestly don’t remember when you updated this one last time.
Mssc54’s Weblog
I just started so you must stay by definition. At least until I’ve got the hang of you. But you seem like a keeper.
Peter Englunds blogg
One of my favourite blogs. He’s a Swedish historian. He’s a writer. I LOVE his books, I have a bunch of them in my shelf. Still, since he’s not american and doesn’t blog in English, he actually DOESN’T get 5000 comments (like Scott Adams does), so I can actually comment and I’ll know that he reads it. A few times he even answered me directly (but that’s only when I asked suck-up questions, like “Do you get better royalty percentage on some specific books? How should I buy in order to maximize your paycheck?”) Also, the comments keep an extremely high level of intelligence. When I discuss things there, I feel… I feel like I’m in high society. High intelectual society. Yeay me.
SanityFound’s Rambling’s
Love you. What I wrote for Amber goes for you too, k, hun?
Save Darfur Weblog
Yeah, well, this is a must. One must be up to date.
Slaughter of the Sheep
I’ll continue as I did so far. Not commenting, and only skimming through the text. I’ve reached the point where I have confidence in this writer, so I skim through, see the names of the false teachers, see why the blogger identifies them as false teachers and take note. There are too many religious leaders out there who are just out to rob people.
Strange Maps
Yeah, this is a must. The things one never finds in an atlas.
The Dilbert Blog
Wow, is that still there? Got to get rid of. He moved his blog to the blog a long time ago.
the Dry Bones Blog
Big fat YES. This is the best way to keep up with local politics and tension in the region – read the comics making fun of it.
The Master’s Table
Definitelly yes. Interesting, insightful. And a good spot for sermon material too.
Tom tom Tom
That’s still there? My brother moved his blog ages ago. Must get rid off.
I’ll keep it, doesn’t hurt anyone. But they haven’t blogged in ages. TT is a Swedish news agency. This blog is criticizing their work. Too often do they edit their sources and present pure anti-israeli propaganda rather than objective news.
Underbar och älskad av Allan
Yes! Swedish relative. And also, she used to be my Heavy Metal guide during the year (or was it two years?) I was into that. I needed someone who shared my beliefs. Heavy Metal is a far too unholy realm to enter alone.
Painting cat asses and sheep, and dropping eggs on the carpet. That’s our Åsna. Åsna means donkey. She calls herself that because her name is Åsa and it’s similar. And because she claims donkeys are intelligent animals. In English one might say that she’s an ass painting ass.
✡Att bli Jude✡
Gotta get rid of. He wrote this during his conversion process. Now he’s already a jew, so he switched.
✡Att vara Jude✡
Here he is. Swedish converted jew. I’ll continue read, but might cut back on my commenting. And I usually don’t see the thousand different youtube videos he posts. No time for that. Sorry. I’m sure Matisyahu is great, though. Really.
✡Tänk ifall du var en Barbapappa
Big fat YES, but I AM wondering where he dissappeared. He is one of the funniest bloggers I know.

Now I only need to update my blog roll according to this. But not today. I need to study and go to sleep. Good night.


§253 Positive thought of the day

October 18, 2008

“Today I dropped a carton of eggs in the floor. I’m pretty happy about it, because it’s one of those things that you’re supposed to have done at least once in a lifetime, and I don’t think I’ve done it before. And the carpet needed to be washed in any case”.

Translated from Swedish from Åsa at Kattarsis blogg (it’s called that because she paints cat asses, although lately she’s been more into sheep).


§252 Modern Bible verse of the day

October 18, 2008

“Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where interest and inflation doth corrupt, and where the state breaks through and charge taxes: But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither interest nor inflation doth corrupt, and where the state does not break through nor charge taxes: For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”
(Matthew 6:19-21) KJV with my modern adjustments